• Now, not that I recommend that anyone let their Basenjis do this…. but I could not resist snapping the picture before telling them "off"..... Of course C-Me being a Tri-ing Basenji learned this trick at 11 1/2 wks... and follows in some pretty big Tri Paw Prints, who did the same... our Mickii. One of our friends said that was Mickii coaching C-Me from the Rainbow bridge... by saying... "Its a Tri thing"... "go ahead get up there"....


  • Nice pic Pat! "When is breakfast going to be served"? "We're starving"! I haven't left my dining room chairs out from the table for many years. Mine would get right up on the table. When I first got Buddy he would sometimes just pop right up on the table without even needing a chair as an invite.

  • These two have popped up on the table more times then I can count ….... when they see you enter the room the look is like... "OK, I get it... I am getting down!"....

    Lucky that they know the difference and have never tried that trick when it is time for "human" meals....

    And the problem with these chairs and the table is they do not fit flush under it...

  • Of all the Basenjis we've owned, only 2 have ever jumped up on the table - and we have never succeeded in breaking them of it! Now we have a counter height table - doesn't even slow them down! However, if I ask them to jump in their crate, the girl will put just her front paws up and look pitifully at me until I lift her in!


  • need a few more and a deck of cards lol

  • BOL!! I have a table in my sun room that by boy jumps all the way up on to all the time but I gave up on that one because he knows he is allowed ALL over the furniture in that room (backs of couches/chairs). The dining room table he jumped on it once while DH and I were talking to each other across it and he was all wound up and up bounced a basenji. I think he was more shocked about it than we were LMAO. He doesn't even get in the dining chairs that often when they are pulled out.

    Now if I can get the damn cat to stay off the dining table that would be great.

  • Haha! Great picture! To me it looks like "You done with the sports section yet?"

    Gizmo managed to get on my dinner table when I was out. Sadly I had my new, and expensive, camera backpack on it….came home and...well....the straps where all chewed up!

  • Great picture! They look so cute when they are naughty 😃

  • Great picture Pat 😃

    Our B's will sleep on the chairs next to me (I don't believe it sleeps comfortable) when I'm painting or working…
    They won't go on the table (yet) 😃

  • Just be happy you do not have whippets. We can't keep Scotty off the counters.

  • It's obvious what is going wrong here. They are having to wait for the second course of their meal. LOL. Great picture, just don't tell them so. 🙂

  • A great picture! My Bungwa jumps straight on the table (doesn't bother with the chairs). As soon as he hears anyone coming he jumps down so its got impossible to deter him! How does one discipline a Basenji who by the time I get there is sitting innocently on the floor with things he's knocked off the table around him!?

  • Left to their own…. everything would have been on the floor... gggg

  • Haha! Simon also skips the chairs entirely and stands in the middle of the table looking at us like, yes? Did you need something?

    Your two are adorable!

  • @lisastewart:

    Just be happy you do not have whippets. We can't keep Scotty off the counters.

    Beam me up Scotty! 😃 Nice shot Lisa!

  • Houston

    What funny picture Pat, I love it..

    Lisa yours is great as well

    Not a good idea though..Otis never did that…but I did catch him on the table once or twice, after our meal..scared by making a loud noise and since he stayed off.
    Moses the giraffe, just puts his chin on the table and is right there with you..not good.
    Our dachshund has gotten up on the table in the past and actually marked our bread basket...BAD DOG...

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