• So as of next friday we will be adding a kitten to our home. When Lilu was a puppy my roommate had a cat and lilu could care less about it, she obviously wanted to see what it was and Bob(cat) has no issues with it. However, I am just wondering what I can do to make sure that Lilu and Shalla will get along. Lilu doesn't have much of a chase instinct, a squirell walked right in front of her ans she just stopped to look at like, what the heck is that. Lilu is pretty skiddish with things she is not used to. So any help regarding this would be amazing! Thanks!!🆒

  • hi, i have a 3 yr old. basenji and we just got a kitten 3 weeks ago and it was hard at first. he wanted to play with it ruff!. he still does but not soo hard. i used this stuff called apple spray and rubbed it on the kitten for about 4 days. and he started to get more relaxed with the kitten. he's doing better now.

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