Bujumbura and Cibitoke

A few pics of half-sisters :).

What great shots!!


amazing pictures..so serene air about them..big sister just knows to be gentle with little sister..

Amazing shots, Irena, they really know make me smile….:)

Obviously puppy has not yet outgrown her puppy license, allowing her to be absolutely annoying to big sis. Very cute pics!

Great photos 🙂

Basenji Mix

i like the last photo, you can see a halo around the pups head… aww what an angel lol

GREAT thank you.

Spectacular pictures - looks like puppy wants to play 'see no evil' with big sis!

All great pictures! It is a nice way to start the day looking at others loved Bs!

Great pictures…. Like them both 😉

Great pictures - I love how the older one puts up with the little one climbing all over her - very cute dogs.

Thanks all for nice comments. All our four adults go well with pups, only Geasy (9 yrs old) need a little bit privacy and relaxation sometimes :D.
And Masai…sometimes he is behaving like he thinks he gave birth to puppies and HE is their mommy :rolleyes::D.

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