• It snowed last night and he doesn't really like the snow. I am hoping to get some pictures of him playing in the snow.

  • ACK!!!! So cute! That face and those wrinkles! Congrats!

  • Is he a Mankia/Twinvue pup? He looks familiar.

  • Houston

    Adorable, simply adorable..you are so lucky..

  • @nomrbddgs:

    Is he a Mankia/Twinvue pup? He looks familiar.

    Nope. We looked into getting a Mankia pup. He is part HCrest and part Select. We got him from HersheyCrest Kennels.

  • Who are his parents? I know Chris's boy is a Mankia dog so that may be where Arlene sees the resemblance.

  • Sorry, I left town for a few weeks. His mother is Fatina from Chris. I hope Ianswered your question,

  • Ah, now I know why he is familiar. I know Chris and Fatina.

  • Welcome Bernice and Cory! I too am new to the forum and I can't tell you enough how great the instant and helpful feedback is. Everyone on here shares and knows the same love I have for my dogs so the understanding level is amazing. Yes the breed is rare lol, I have only found two breeders in FL. I'm originally from Muskoka and I would imagine these short haired dogs are going to have quite a wardrobe for the winter weather you get. Which is why I moved to FL. LOL.. Although this year, both of my B's got sweaters!! We got our first B 2 years ago after some research much like yours. Everything you read tells about the great traits… but man did we get schooled and FAST! LOL I have never known the love from a dog so strong as I do wth this Basenji. Someone told me once that when a Basenji gives you love and attention it's because he wants it and no other reason. So I feel very special and loved when my dogs are so excited to see me when I get home and never leave my side. Where ever I am in the house, they have a bed because they have to be where I am. We loved our first one so much we decided to get him a sister. Best move we ever made... Two is so much more fun!!! The B-500 ( which you will get to know...) is extremely entertaining!! Now that D.C. is 2 and Lexi girl is a year, we're thinking of getting a third. As for training... treats, treats, treats!!! and a water gun! lol I only have to reach for the water gun and move it and they stop whatever bad thing they were getting into... watch your socks, sofa pillows, and be prepared for the great dig to china on a nightly basis before curling in a tight ball to sleep! and enjoy! Just keep reminding yourself when you are getting frustrated... "that's just a basenji". My brother came to spend the winter with us, and he can't get over the fact that my dog stands on his hind legs to watch me do dishes, or cook something on stove or just stand next to me. He doesn't think a dog should have his feet on the counter. Well I just replied that I was glad DC didn't jump up on my counter and walk around on it because he sure could if he choose too...that's just a basenji... lol..

  • Where in Ontario do you live?

  • Down inbetween Welland, Niagara Falls area. We are actually having a puppy party soon in London.

  • We are in WIndsor

    Jennifer invited us to the puppy party I need to call her back. When will it be???

  • I believe we are meeting on Feb 7-lots of people are planning to attend. Should be a fun time. One of the most (what I consider) informative Basenji People is going to be there-Anne Smith.

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