Collar and Leash

Here is another thought.

We use a harness for Ella when we go outside but what she wears around her neck all the time is a DAP collar. I assume you are familiar with them, but they are disposable rubber strip collars that release a relaxing phermone. They last a month. Maybe either the rubber or the phermone will help chewing on the collar.

As far as a tag that cannot be chewed, I hightly recommend the collar-tag from They are made of sturdy steel that slips onto the collar itself and do not hand down at all. Solved our problem tag chewer.


I love those tags..I have got to get my dogs som of those. Thanks for the info.

First Basenji's

My experience with my Belle, who was 8weeks old when we started leash trainning, is the old standard "link leash" no cloth or material leash, My vet sales a brank of leash and collars and if your dogs chews throug, no question asked, you return it and replaced on the spot….It has worked so far, I will check out tomorrow of the brand I don't remember but the collars are great....I will let you know. Check out my album and see my husband and the 3 B's on the first walk together after the new fosters came.....

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