• Pat, she might need a bit more help than that..suggestions maybe?

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    Pat, she might need a bit more help than that..suggestions maybe?

    I can only answer by naming the foods that I use, I don't recommend things I don't use. The Natural Balance foods are good, Potato and Duck for example. People really need to learn to reseach themselves and feed what they are comfortable with

  • thks tanza, i'm going today to get him some moderate protien food!!. i have been testing him and sofar it hasnt changed!.

  • Pedro, we hope you don't have any signs of this illness for many years to come.

  • thks !! i hope no one ever has to go through this!. i got him some other food the moderate protein kind!.maybe starting this ven if he hasn't show any signs might help more!!. to pospone it longer!!?? i can only keep my fingers cross now! my daughter at chruch yesterday they offered people to come up and lite a candle and she went a lit one for pedro!!. and came back to sit down and said to now this has to help him mom!! but maybe by me trying to put him on a moderated portein diet not might help even more!??.

  • hi there sharronkurlbut, sofar neg testing!. but i really wanted to telly you sooo much how greatful iam for the help of you and everyone on here!. i have the chace to get it early and help him live a good and healthy life aspossible!. if it wasnt for all you here exspecialy u and kathy, and lovss! i would of never nown anythang about this kidey disease!. so i just wanted to say god bless you all here and i hope you family and your furry ones too, have the best out of life that anyone can have!!.

  • Pedro, some of us here have loved and lost b's with fanconi. I just have to tell you that you need to remember is this. THE DOG DOESN'T KNOW HE IS SICK. now read this again.
    The dog doesn't know he is sick. He gets up each day and enjoys what happens.
    You need to do this as well. YOU know he might get sick on day, but you just prepare for this, and you let it go and enjoy your beloved dog and the life you have together.
    Enjoy this time. Watch, but enjoy. Do you see what I mean. Love the time you have now.

  • hi, i'm getting the blood gasses done this week just to see where i'm at. i has started him on some good food already. & i talked to dr. steve gonto yesterday and told him what i have been doing i even got his email address, so i can talk to him more & more on the stuff to do for him when and if he starts to show signs!. but i'm goiing to make sure he lives life to the fullest!.thks.i'll keep everyone here posted on his testings!!.

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