Welsh Kennel Club - good luck!

  • @moetmum:

    Thats really good, she is still a minor puppy isn't she, update on Jess and Maya, she won the junior stakes! Well done Jess and Maya, I expect she will post later, with pics I hope!

    I think she is yes.

    Well done Maya & Jess:D

    I see Millie won the champ stakes and Riley was reserve, certainly a good day for b's in the stakes classes:D

  • What a fab day for Val and Rusty. Well done to all!!


  • What a great day for basenjis!!

  • Hi All,

    We had a lovely day, WKC is a favourite of mine! Congrats to Val & Rusty of course, they are both doing so well.

    My little star has to go back on sunday to compete for a place in the Junior Stakes Finals! Its my birthday Sunday so fingers crossed!

    I took tonnes of pictures of my mum handling Maya in the breed classes, and she got some video of me in the Stakes. I will sort them out and post tomorrow 🙂

  • Thats a great result Jess, I was so pleased for you. You are making this a habit going back, good luck for Sunday, we have everything crossed for you.

    Look forward to the pics!

  • Well done Jess, good job you don't live at the other end of the country. Good luck for Sunday:D

  • Well done Jess et all. Post the pics when you can.


  • @Elscodobermann:

    Thats a third CC for both of them - but cant claim their title till they get another cc over the age of 12 months - anyone know if thats happened in Basenjis before?

    Ch St Erme Jolly Swagman did it; he won his title with his fourth CC at Crufts in 1987. A few years earlier I think Ch Azenda Wenohow was another.. May have been more, but before my time!

  • @Elscodobermann:

    meanwhile you lot will be sitting about chatting in the lovely welsh scenery, and taking the occasional trot around the showring. I know where i would rather be….

    There was some sitting about and chatting, but the scenery consisted of a large tent with patches of mud for an exercise area and the weather ranged from dull and cold, windy with frequent showers to brief hot and sunny intervals.

    You really did not miss much!

  • Val & Rusty are certainly on a roll!

  • Congratulations Jess and Maya and good luck for Sunday. I hope you have a great Birthday.

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