Amber and zaar , wash dc basenjis

  • the pup (black one) 1.5 yrs old…... has a water obssesion as the vet likes to call it, cant leave water down anymore for older basenji. but the older one just scratches at kitchen door for water. and the pup gets crated if we go out and the older one has free access to water when dummy (zaar) is in his crate .

  • Nice pups, who did you get them from? I like the Tri (Black,tan,white one)….

    What does Zaar do with water that you can't leave if for them?

    It might help to post the pictures smaller...??

  • i dont know how to post pics smaller, please help!

    zaar will drink water continously forever! so we have to monitor his water intake.

    and i got amber the red one from a breeder in massachusettes. and zaar off the internet from a breeder in oklahoma i believe, he came on the plane covered in **** and piss and under weight, tryin to bulk him up so he can look like a beast like amber. not sure names or anything of the breeders my fiance dealt with the breeders.

  • posted a bunch more pics of them in my thread about ambers seizures

  • zaar and romeo(fur up) an older basenji at my dads puppy class

  • zaar and his girlfriend megan in the obstacle course (one of my dads dogs) at my dads

  • What website did you transfer these pics from? On Photo Bucket you can resize the pics on their site. Then after you resize them you can post them to the forum.

  • i was using that site called tinypic, i will try photobucket thx

    pics arent so tiny 🙂

  • think i figured out how to post the pics at a normal size altho this one seems kinda small, trial and error i guess

  • few new pics for your enjoyment! altho they arent dc basenjis anymore they are right outside of akron OH

  • Very pretty B's, Cairo came from OK.

  • just found out my tri was from OK as well, a lady named lisa akins, and my red was bought in massachusettes/rhode island boarder , her great grandfather was the only basenji to win westminster in 1989.

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