My dog is having seizures. HELP

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    Otis and I are sending prayers to Amber and you…

  • thx shes been doin ok, once in a while after being out on our balcony in the sun she starts doin head bobs (involuntary movements). only lasts a 30 secs or so. tryin to keep a record of everything i notice. have a follow up apt with vet in about a week.

    still tryin to find out answers to your Q's tanza. i emailed the neurologist on fri and no response i think i should get a response by monday if not im calling.

  • vet just called with distemper results and those came back negative as well.

  • @tanza:

    You can not rule out Fanconi if there is sugar in the urine and not in the blood…

    my fiance just got off phone with the neurologist and our regular vet, they ruled out fanconi. and no thyroid problems , amber has had a full thyroid panel done at the neurologist, she forgot to ask how we can see the thyroid #s cuz i wanted to post them. i will get them at some point and post.

  • update on amber, its been almost a year and a half since amber had a seizure, which is awesome!!! shes on zonisamide and kepra, she gets a pill of kepra every 8 hrs and the zonisamide twice a day and the amt was just reduced from 2 pills every 12 hours to 1 pill every 12 hours. she occasionally has tremors, but she just had a neurologist appt last week and they say shes in great health at this point. she turned 8 yrs old in sept. just wanted to give an update on her and thx for all your help in the past, zaar my black B is 3 yrs old now and doin great as well! i want a brindle one too now !

  • That is wonderful news!

  • Thank you for the update - it's always good to hear of such progress.

  • Thanks for the follow-up, I'm glad she is healthy and happy!

  • we had basenji who had seizures…if they sleep in the bed with you it might be worth buying a waterproof mattress pad. they can be bought at target or sears, and give yiy a peace of mind if the seizures happen when they are asleep

  • luckily the seizures dont happen anymore and ya they sleep in bed with us lol, cant get rid of them. ha. hope the seizures never happen again.

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