I'm new, so forgive me if this thread has come up recently. I love to hear what nicknames your dogs have.
Rosey's registered name is Kazor's Savannah Wildrose. I gave my then 4-yr old son the choice of calling her Savannah or Rosey. He chose Rosey, go figure.
Some of her nicknames include:
Pretty Girl
Baby Girl
Fat Pig ( yeah, not nice, I know-my son calls her this because Cushings has given her a potbelly and he likes to make fun of her.)

How 'bout your b's?


How 'bout your b's?

Max….Punkin…orange red

Cleo....Boo's…..she can be scary.

Raven..Dink….shes the smallest.

Penny....Penn Pup she is such a big baby.

Jasper…..Jasp ….sometimes kids call him Jasperitis.:rolleyes:

Willy....just Willy….cause he just is a Willy.:D

Sandie poo
Pumpkin head
Baby girl
Bat girl

Not that there's any derivative from the name but we call Alani Little - Nookers??

Joey Bag Of Donuts (Don't ask me, I don't have an answer. Ask my kids)

Tucker is also known as:

Capt. Crazy
Mr. Handsome

Basenji Mix

Terms of endearment for Duke:

Duker the Spooker
My Guard Dog

Okay, this won't go over well, but Nala's nickname is Dopey. But it's meant and said in a loving way….

These are too funny LOL I love it!

Registered Name is El Dorado's Dark Secret…Topaz
poochie girl
pretty mama
silent death

she's definitely a looker & people say she's sooo pretty until of course a growl & some teeth scare the wits out of them HA!

Registered name El Dorado's CThreePO by Sadiki....C3PO
poochie boy
daddy's big boy
crazy boy

he's not very cuddly just like DH so they get along well don't like being crowded and at times he gets ants in his pants & can't relax so he looks like a hyper active child. And there are times he just acts crazy out of the blue!!

Great topic. Abbey is Abbey Guin or Sissy (her dog mom is Guinivere), she seems to like Sissy best. Sometimes she responds to it better than to Abbey. I also call her Lucy Boo if I'm not mad at her. She probably thinks her name is No, Stop or Don't Do That!

Hollie, like most of your dogs, has several nicknames.

Hollywood (the most used)
Holly Hunter (because she is obsessed with squirrels)
Stink Bottom (because she is spoiled rotten)
Chewbacha (because she likes to chew)
Poke-a-nose (because she is constantly poking us with her nose)

No basenji yet (but very soon I will) My cat Maddox is called:
Mr. Pooper
Little Man
and Mad Max when he opens his mouth and gets that crazy look in his eye right before he attacks your feet.

Quercus - Quercus McGerkus (who lives in the circus!)
or Querky Turkey
Ivy - Spivy
Blondie - the blonde…or 'the perfect one'
Bella - Bella Smella
Luna - Luna Balloona

Willy - Willy Billy
Vixen - Vixie - black lightning - Vixen Marie
Abby - Tidbit - Squeaky Toy

Zahra is Princess Zahra when she is being a Diva
Houdini when she escapes over yet another baby gate
Little girl dog when I am calling her to get her attention and she isn't answer to her name!

Chase, our Puggle is piglet when he tries to eat Zahra's food!

Klassic Gebeep Jim:
Ranzee Ranopolis!
Mr. Ramse J Peterson (seemed good on a survey then started to get addressed junk mail)
Grumpy Boy

Select Bonnie Bell:
Bonnie Belly
Little Girl
and of course… Bonnie Bonnie bo-onnie Banana-fana fo-fonnie Mee-mi-mo-monnie BONNIE!

Hacker's Spider-man:
Smitty... I mean, can you really call your dog Spider-man?

Sahara's registered name: Africian Queen Sahara

Terms of Endearment: (I like that)

Moma's Girl
Moma's Baby or Baby Girl
Pretty Girl
Daddy's Pretty Girl
Snuggle Bunny (She loves to be close and snuggle)

Shelby has a few names, it depends on the mood!

Princess Shelby the prissie
Nosey Rosey
and the ever favorite…
Stinky Butt

all said with lots of love:)

Not too many nicknames here – nor none too clever, but Jazzy responds to:


We got Candle as a puppy, so she is known as Pupples.
Zorro weighs in at 26 pounds so he is Big Z.

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