• sorry not a basenji but im having problem training my daxie x jrt to go to the toilet outside, we are going on holiday next month and my mum is looking after him but has said she wont if hes not trained to go outside.

    he goes to the toilet anywhere in the house he likes, especially on my carpet!! if i put him outside he runs about then comes inside and wee`s.

    any tips would be greatly appreciated

  • You have to go out with him, walk him until he goes, and then treat, treat, treat, with cheese, chicken, whatever is most special to him.
    You take him out every 2 hrs.
    Otherwise, when he is in the house with you, you tie him to you so you will know when he puts his nose down, and starts to sniff.
    Once he starts to sniff, you take hime outside, no matter WHAT your doing.
    It takes some time, but doing this each and every time will have him housebroken in no time.
    Also, you only use praise, no yelling at him when he messes in the house.

  • We have a daxie and she is 11 now and we still occasionally have offerings and puddles left around the place, so good luck with your toilet training!

    She is a standard wire and is just about the most stubborn dog I have come across, even more so than a Basenji!


  • He should never be unattended in the house. If you can not use a baby gate or ex-pen to keep him in the same room as you then use a leash tether. Anytime, he starts looking for a place, out you both go. Praise, Praise, Praise, everytime he does his business outside. If you can't watch him then he needs to be crated.

    Get a good routine going. Take him out when you first wake up, take him out 20 minutes after eating, take him out at play time. Don't let him come back in until he has gone and make sure you Praise, Praise, Praise so he knows when he gets it right.

    The more consistent and observant you are the more smoothly training will go.

  • Houston

    this is a "funny" thread. Our Dachshund, Gus has actually stopped "having accidents" since we got Otis, or maybe more so since our two older dogs past away in march and in april..Gus is now the man on the pole so he had to step up to the plate and behave like the big man he is.

    I would agree with what is said, do not let him be loose in the house, and keep on walking him until he goes and praise, praise, praise.
    Our obedience trainer said to serve his food on the rugs he pees on so he gets the point that we don't pee here, this is inside, here we sleep and eat..

  • If you are not consistant in potty training, you will never get success…. and when there is an accident in the house... roll up that newspaper and "hit" yourself over the head... because you have not paid attention to the needs of the dog... It is an ongoing training... not just for a few days, a few times outside... and when you go out...you do not come in till they go....

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