13 week old puppy on Craigslist

  • You know for folks who really want to get some money - sometimes the best thing you can do is leave a website for basenji information (like maybe the forum addy) and say well when you find a home - give them this resource so we can help with any questions. Since he is paying for so much upfront I bet that he really wants to feel like he had a say on where the dog goes. Probably got it from someplace not the best but he does sort of sound like he's trying.

    I frequently leave my contact info at shelters in the event a dog comes in and is placed before we hear about it - they can pass the info along -

  • It angers me, Robyn, because it appears as if he purchased this pup, lost interest, and decided to toss it aside not unlike a toddler with a used toy. Difference is, this "castoff" is a living breathing entity, probably bonded to this 'human' (and I use that term with great distress) and is now being sold to the highest bidder.:mad:

    Andrew said it with a cooler head than I. Thank you, Andrew.:o

    (Just an aside, I'm not clear on just what you meant when you stated "in case some idiot flags this".)

  • Its tough when you see b's or dogs treated like this.
    All we can do is tap down our feelings and try to get the dog into the best place it SHOULD be.
    I do my cussing privately, once the dog is safe.

  • @snorky998:

    (Just an aside, I'm not clear on just what you meant when you stated "in case some idiot flags this".)

    I haven't spent much time on Craigslist, but if you spend even a few minutes on the pet classifieds area of the website, it quickly becomes clear there are only 3 types of posts. The whole premise of Craigslist pet listings is that you are not allowed to sell dogs for profit; it is for rehoming pets. It advises to charge a small adoption fee to prevent unscrupulous buyers, but I think its supposed to be no more than $100.
    The first type of posts are people trying to sell dogs. The vast majority of these posts are for registered dogs going for hundreds of dollars & appear to be the BYB sort. Very few people actually use it for rehoming pets as it is intended.
    The second type of post is shelter and/or rescue workers desperately trying to get the word out about animals in danger of being PTS. They often use attention getting language in the titles such as "ONLY 1 DAY TO LIVE!!! GOING TO THE GAS CHAMBER TOMORROW!" etc.
    The third type of post is the type used to respond to anybody who has already posted. They can be "To the idiot selling "pure bred Pits" or "To the idiot shelter worker" of "To the jerk who adopted my dog & is now selling it for profit" etc etc etc. It quickly becomes a back & forth of posts & the sensationalists will flag pretty much anything for removal.
    So maybe every 6th or 7th post involves an actual pet ad, and maybe 1 in 25 or 30 is a legitimate rehoming because of an unforseen & unpreventable circumstance.

  • There is another basenji puppy on Craigslist in Tampa. They are charging $100. No other information is posted in the ad.

  • Oh, a puppy! Sigh…that just makes me sad.

  • Does Kona need a sibling?????

  • At the risk of angering many I just HAVE to say this - As time goes on - I come more and more to believe that as long as we (responsible breeders) continue to 'rescue', save, rehome the leavings of BYB, PM and irresponsible people we are providing a market and 'solving' their problem. In the meantime - those of us who are reputable and take our animals back when situations change - produce fewer pups because we have no homes because people get from rescues which get their dogs from BYB and PM.

    It is not a coincidence that after the big Kansas City Rescue 6 years ago - many breeders stopped breeding or bred fewer litters - and I'm one of them. There were so many dogs in the 'pipeline' that I referred several people on my waiting list to these rescue dogs from a 'collector' so no puppy homes there and I ended up keeping several from that litter because of that. Those rescue dogs ended up being more work than they thought so couldn't take a 2nd dog or so fearfull that some needed to be put down and they didn't want a basenji after that. So instead od dogs from responsible folks what is out there is in shelters or rescue groups and NOT from those of us who have spent many years - raising with love and care - a healthy and quality product.

    I have done rescue myself and I feel for these poor dogs BUT soon that will be the ONLY place to get a dog and I don't think that is what we should be striving for. I am not being critical of those who do rescue - but take a second and consider the unintended consequence of rescue.

  • If any of you have followed my journey to cure my older Basenji lady of her seizures, she had been perscribed Phenonbarbital, but I couldn't keep her on "therapeutic" levels because she was too doped up and wasn't herself. I finally found a great vet after a lot of searching and she prescribed Zonisamide which (so far) has worked great: no "dopiness" and NO seizures! I will say this much: my little girl is definitely a Senior (between 12 - 14 years old) and she may have a tumor or some other condition. That said, I don't want to put her under the knife and her current quality of life is fantastic: she is sassy and bosses her junior Basenji boys and naps and play as she pleases. The occasional seizures she has suffered have been about once a month for the past year and they last about 2 minutes. Since she's been on the Zonisamide, she has had no seizures and no side affects. I am not saying this is a cure-all, I am just saying this drug was never mentioned to us when she first started having seizures and for us it has been a blessing.

  • Well, you definitely have a valid point. I think the message is: "consistency." I think that is what we can expect when we get dogs from reputable breeders. That said, I have two rescue dogs and two breeder dogs. I love them all the same and I may favor my rescued dogs because of the hardships they endured prior to living with me, but the truth is, I can only trust my breeder dogs with, say, little children, etc. because I know the rescued dogs have unknown histories and dislike children and can behave very unpredictably.

    All these dogs are worthy of love and we need to rescue and need to keep breeding, but we need to have realistic expectations either way.

  • the solution is to get states to ban pet stores that sell puppies. this would cause the puppy mill people to go out of business

    people need to start picketing outside pet stores that sell puppies make them lose enough money that they go out of business or stop selling puppies.
    the public needs to better informed about what they are purchasing when buying from a pet store

    regulations need to be tightened and enforced with stiff penalties for puppy mill people who dont follow the laws
    i have a foster coming next week who is coming straight from a breeder
    brat is taking at least 3 dogs into foster care for adoption from this breeder so....

    its not just puppy mill people who cause basenjis to go into rescue

    unfortunately none of the above helps breeders now, it will probably be years and years before things change.

    why not a major ad campaign from peta shown on national tv and in magazines detailing puppy mills and how the puppies end up in pet stores ?
    most people who purchase puppies from pet stores are just ignorant get the word out and they wont buy from pet stores but will go to breeders

    but to not rescue b's in need, because breeders cant sell puppies?

    i can absolutely understand how breeders could feel this way but i dont think the solution is to stop rescueing b's in need

    its just a really unfortunate situation thats needs to changed sooner rather then later

  • Gotta ask - what's with taking them from a 'breeder' - unless someone reputable has had some issue where they cannot - I cannot think of one basenji person who would not take their dogs back in a heartbeat.

  • dont know
    i just got an email asking me to foster a dog coming from a breeders home
    at least two others from the same person are being put into foster care as well

  • As I said - if there is a health or personal issue - I can see it - but …....

  • @westcoastflea1:

    dont know
    i just got an email asking me to foster a dog coming from a breeders home
    at least two others from the same person are being put into foster care as well

    And not all breeders are responsible…. if they are BYB's they are not going to be responsible.... So don't lump all breeders into one basket. Responsible breeders take their pups back, no questions asked... unless there is a health or another good reason. And in that case, provided the problems are not totally financial, they should put up money for the dogs care.

  • My point exactly - BRAT and I had a 'difference of opinion a few years ago over lumping all 'breeders' together' If it is a real breeder in trouble - lets help - if it's a BYB in trouble - I believe we need to help each other before we help puppy mills and BYB.

  • shes a real breeder not a backyard breeder im told she has health issues cant handle the dogs shes keeping a puppy

  • I hope that she contacted some of the rest of us - we always try to help each other out.

  • i dont know who she may have contacted
    i dont believe shes a member here so she may not have known of the support she might have found here.

    im looking forward to meeting bunny next week (name is definitely going to be changed) 🙂
    shes a 4 year old tri who is being spayed next week had at least one litter
    shes a counter surfer, spends alot of time in her crate, doesnt know how to walk on a leash or let her people know when she needs to go outside so im sure ill be here looking for support from all of you to help prepare her for adoption

  • @westcoastflea1:

    shes a real breeder not a backyard breeder im told she has health issues cant handle the dogs shes keeping a puppy

    why, if you had health problems, would you keep a puppy (instead of an older, easier dog) ? Bless you for helping her out though.

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