• I use to always let our 2 ride loose in the back seat. My family is 3 hours away and they'd always settle down after just a few minutes. However this year we bought a new SUV with leather seats…. so we got the crates out. After a few trips I actually find it is easier. No yelling "get down!!" anymore. Plus, and a BIG plus, they are MUCH safer this way. I know of someone who lost their dog due to being loose during an accident. I know it's not as easy as opening up the door and heading out.

  • @jys1011:

    Just wondering what people's experiences are with this. We bought 2 plastic travel kennels to transport our B's when we initially went to pick them up & bring them home. We've used it pretty regularly since but always with some struggle.

    We went for a follow up visit to the vet (only 5 min away) & I decided to just let them sit in the back seat with me and their leashes on to make sure they wouldn't fall & this was SO MUCH easier!! They actually just settled in & sat. But I could never do this for a ride longer than 5 minutes.

    I'm thinking of getting those booster seats where you can just strap them into it with a halter they can actually sit & peer through a window. Any thoughts??😕 Like such.. http://www.jbpet.com/Shopping/product.asp?catalog_name=JBWholesale&product_id=549-1004&category_name=HTOVehAcc

    My only concern is that if you were to get involved in an accident the poor dog would have no protection. My vet has told me of circumstances where a horrible accident occurred and with having your dog in a crate they were not injured at all! If only cars came equipped with doggie airbags 😃

  • We used to let them loose in the car but use crates now. I also heard a story where a handler had an accident with a motorhome and all the dogs in the crates where safe. I'm sure each accident could be different, but it seems the safer way to go.

  • We don't crate Jazzy – we used to as she gets car sick it makes such a mess in the kennel and all over her. Now she sits in a car seat. We have a harness that attaches to the seat belt. She is restrained, but can also lie down, which she prefers. She is not a window-peeper.

  • I crate my dogs when we travel. I just find it easier on all of us, and no hair all over the seats and carpet. Their little hairs are so hard to get out of the upholstery-it's like they stick in like little fish hooks.

  • We haven't had a problem with dog hair on the seats. And believe me, my husband {otherwise known as Felix Unger} would pitch a fit if he saw any dog hair in the van! LOL

    Our other dog is long-haired and she is relegated to the very back, on a blanket, and the van is vacuumed as soon as the car ride is over!

  • I definitely wouldn't let them loose as my little Topaz is petite B & she would inevitably wind up on the floor somewhere. But I was thinking of a harness & strapped in for safety.

    Although the thought of an accident & having them get hurt is a scary thought!! Decisions…decisions..

  • I definitely crate if I'm by myself. Too many worries otherwise. If I have a spare teenager, I'll sometimes let ONE of the basenjis ride on a lap, but even then I'm paranoid: what if there is a fluffy little white dog at the rest stop and the teen doesn't notice and Curie dashes out the door as soon as it's open? What if there is a french fry under the brake pedal and Curie goes digging for it and we all crash and burn and DIE? Etc.

    It's no wonder I like the worried wrinkled foreheads. Kindred spirits!

  • @listeme:

    It's no wonder I like the worried wrinkled foreheads. Kindred spirits!

    Funny, listeme!

    I just recently got a crate for the car because Joey would not sit still for a moment. It was dangerous and I spilled my coffee several times. It was also difficult to see when he wanted to take over the driver's seat. Must have been a sight as his head was directly over the steering wheel and butt in my lap. It didn't take me long to decide he (and I!) would be much safer with him in a crate. I considered the lap belt but know he would chew right through it to get out.

  • I put Tayda and Lenny in a kennel in the backseat…. they seem to be pretty happy with it. They wouldn't sit still in a carseat.... also helps with the hair all over the seat issue.

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