• My six year old basenji girl was diagnosed with high enzymes today. She had the same problem last summer and returned to normal. The vet suggested a liver culture in the near future if it doesn't change. My last basenji contacted fanconi at one year and he kept her pretty healthy till fourteen. I feed her science diet products. Any ideas? I'm knew at this…..........

  • Maybe try a lower protein diet and a liver herbal supplement. My 15 year old girl B has had elevated liver enzymes for approx. 6 years. In the beginning my vet prescribed Hills L/D (liver diet) dog food and Hepato Support (both perscription only). Last year the numbers went up further and the vet put her on Denmarin (non-perscription so I purchase through Allivet.com). She gets one pill daily on an empty stomach and at least one hour before eating. She also tested positive for Cushing's last Aug. and has been on treatment for that ever since and is doing great. Her liver numbers have gone down but I'm not sure if it's from the Denmarin or due to the Lysodren which she takes for Cushing's. It wouldn't hurt to try the Denmarin for a few months to see if it helps.


  • I think that you need to find out the cause for the high liver values to be able to treat it… my Mickii had a tumor on her adrenal gland that made her liver values go off the chart... My Kristii had high liver values that were caused by a non cancerous tumor on her liver.. that was remember but grows back and then dies off... Both tumors were found with ultrasound. Cushings will produce usually high liver values

    So in the end, I think that you need to find what is causing the high values before you try and treat ......

    Milk Thistle is good for dogs with liver issues...

  • Thanks Linda, That is the same direction my vet is headed so far. It's good to know it is at least treatable with diet. Do you know what the base cause is? Thanks again, Ed

  • Thank you! My vet also suggested ultra sound but I had forgotten! I will probably talk to him again today.

  • No known cause was determined. A couple years ago when she had a thyroid cancer mass removed an ultrasound was done of her liver and other organs and her liver looked fine.

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