• Gosh, she is sooooooo cute! All of the pics are great…I love the one mid yodel, but also the one where she appears to be imitating her "mum" Chloe. Too cute.

  • Oh man, I think I'm gonna need to go visit grandma Tootsie again. I am having all these tri withdrawls. Thanks a lot Maya! lol

    Lovely little girl. 🙂

  • Thanks for the lovely replies everyone! Maya is, right now, curled up like a kitten on my lap fast asleep. LOVE this pup 😃

    The pugs are great, friendly towards everyone and have very much taken Maya under their wing 🙂 She definately thinks she's a pug :rolleyes:

    Ooooooh, Tootsie i love!! When i contacted Sue (klassics) last year looking to import a pup i wanted a Tootsie clone 😃

    Ah, then you are all to familiar with DC traffic! Haha. I actually live in Southern Maryland, Waldorf to be exact. However, I work in DC so as you probably remember, the commute is a nightmare!

    Thankfully i was far too young to remember that, i was very young when we lived there :p Though, my mum says that you are completely right, traffic was a nightmare getting to and from work for my dad, but where we lived was very quiet and pleasant apparently 🙂

  • @Maya:

    Ooooooh, Tootsie i love!!

    Me too! Isn't she such a doll? 🙂 Sue knows how much I want a little Tootsie diva too. And I'd have her if I didn't have such issues with my job and home life. I hope these next couple generations keep the same essence. Hopefully it won't be too much longer.

    In the meantime I miss my Toots snuggles, and was gonna go down and visit the babies. But I just didn't find the right time, so had to settle for pictures. lol

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