• My name is Nicholas Dennis, I'm from Northern B.C. Canada. At the moment I do not own a Basenji but am in the process of adding one into my family. I'm an outdoorsy person so when the puppy does join us everyone will be treated with alot of outdoor pictures high up in the mountains.

  • Hi Nicholas, I'm glad you joined. To everyone else, Nicholas is getting the little red girl Tink, now known as Lilo.

  • Welcome Nicholas!!!!

  • Welcome to the group Nicholas. I'm sure you'll find a lot of great info here for those days you can't be out with your new pup.


  • Welcome and congrats. My last Basenji loved hiking and camping. B.C. was one of my favorite places for outdoor adventures with her, but I think she prefered the sun and heat in Arizona and Utah.

  • Hi from Lilo's cousins in California. Welcome to the forums. You will find that Lilo has lots of family here.

  • Lilo is adorable. Congrats and welcome to the forum!

  • Thanx everyone
    Glad I joined, this forum has so much basenji info, its unbelievable. But I must say I and my family can't wait for the hands on learning we will have by owning a basenji. (Tink/Lilo). Thank you so much Arlene for this great opportunity.

  • We will all be happy to help you with any issues you might have.
    But we also love good news stories and any photos you can send.

  • Welcome Nicholas and Tink/Lilo. I absolutely love your Lilo. She's quite the charmer (ie…'take the picture quick, I'm falling asleep'....'Is this how you stack?'....'Why are you holding me back, there's a smell I need to get to asap'....etc..):D

    Glad you're an outdoors man. I loved camping and hiking with my B's. They always found a path we never saw that led to great views and discoveries we'd have never seen if it wasn't for them. People on the trail always stop to ask about the dogs (chick magnet (if you're single) and instant friend maker) 🙂

    Keep us posted.

  • Welcome to our pack! I spent many years wandering around in BC when I used to live in Idaho - it will be nice to see some of the country when you get your pictures up. You'll find a lot of information here, great stories, and wonderful pictures.

  • Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more when you get the pup! I'm sure pics of both where you live and the pup will be beautiful!

  • Yes they are going to be beautiful pics. I just can't wait for the puppy to get here and for the snow to melt. We already have big plans as to where we want our puppy's first experience hiking in the mountains to be. It won't be a vigorous hike but it is secure and there will be lots to explore for the puppy.

  • Welcome to the forum!!

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