• @bellabasenji:

    So for Hestekin both the WL and KKDK are his main Basenji lines… Where is Hestekin located???

    Eau Claire, WI

  • @cuttiepie732:

    If you guys know any tri males for a reasonable price let me know.

    Check this little guy out:


    He is quite a distance away, but you were flying to get the other one… Of course you would have to fill out an application and be open to have a BRAT volunteer visit your home. He is young and handsome!!!

  • @lvoss:

    It is even more sickening to see people then post on websites like PuppyFind that they "saved" these dogs from horrible conditions only to continue to breed them and further tax their over stressed bodies.

    Lisa…I agree so much with this. When Cutie posted that their pup's "breeder" had saved the 3 basenjis from the puppymill, it broke my heart to read that they had been rescued from a horrible, filthy situation, only to be put back into service. The whole puppymill/byb situation is just so sad.

  • Cuttiepie - there's a reputable breeder in KY that has two adult females he wants to rehome - one is a tricolor. Information is listed under the "Rescues and homes needed" section.

  • Cutiepie - just my 2cents, but there has been a lot of good advice given here. I lost my 1st B when he was barely 6, & it broke my heart. The 2Bs I now have are 5 & 6. They are rehomed, retired show. Both are fixed - & I'm not into the puppy/training thing. They are both great companions & I wouldn't trade them for any other. They've only been with us since Sept/08. When you ask about price, in Canada avg puppy price (reputable breeder) is 950. To me, price should be last consideration to a healthy well tempered dog - no matter what breed. Again, just my 2cents.


  • @cuttiepie732:

    It's ok. This is the first time I have actually bought a puppy from a breeder. Last time I had a dog I got her at petland…

    Sorry, but you are going to the same source… these kind of people are what supply to Petland.


    Out of 3 years of Basenji litters i have only had one puppy that had a slipped disk. The rest have been very healthy and passed all health exams. You will get a copy of the health exam when you get your puppy. Feel free to ask any more questions."

    Well, the first Khani's Basenji litter was in 1969… there has NEVER been a slipped disk... and in a freakin puppy?? Sorry, that is a MAJOR SERIOUS issue.


    Three weeks ago I made the flight reservation, puppy carry on, and the days off I needed. If she is an irresponsible breeder I can't help it. I decided to get him before I came on this forum. I just wanted to talk to people that are aware with basenji's. I found this forum by pure luck. I talked to a breeder near me, and she didn't have any puppies at the time, so I went for the second choice. I need an companion in my life, and I know I am not a breeder, or have an experience with this breed, but in my gut I just have this feeling that everything is going to work out ok… Like I said I am meeting her at her house, and looking at things and what not.

    You just want a companion?
    You could care less if it ends up unhealthy with serious issues??
    Please go read this thread:
    Although I have never lived with a dog with hip dysplasia, subluxating patellas or the like, I have lived with both blind and fanconi-affected basenjis.
    I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.
    Some days are good, some days are not.
    The not-so-good days can be so bad that you may wish to never have another animal again.

    Quite frankly, it doesn't appear that you have seriously looked that hard for a puppy. I know that if you just did a google search, you would find MANY breeders that have had and still do have puppies available.
    I know that I am not the only one here, or listed with BCOA that has puppies now, as well as a litter in whelp.

    Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

  • 😕Where is Cutiepie now? I don't think we have heard from her for a little while….

  • @YodelDogs:

    The puppy's parents are called Poker and Dandee so this looks like a repeat of a previous breeding.

    Posted with Cuttiepie's permission:

    Notations: Texas Wallering Poker is not regsitered with the AKC but all of his ancestrors are. Texas Wallering Poker, his parents, and his grandparents are all registered with ACA. Sandy Dandee is registered with ACA. Her parents are not registered. Her grandparents are unknown.

    Dash has a similar lineage. Which makes sense. Dixie maxwell was his breeder and WL's Aubrey and KKDK Wandering Wally was his parents.

    I have a question. I saw a Sheila Maxwell on puppy find. Any relation? They are both in OK. I think.

  • I would think they are most likely related

  • :sigh: this thread breaks my heart. i hope cutiepie is not discouraged from posting. the forum can seem harsh at times. i hope that woman who "saved" those dogs has the sense not to breed them or any dogs again. i am always hoping people will do the right thing when considering the bigger picture…

  • "WL's Todd is sired by Hestekin Hills Dynamite Tom, out of WL's Taylor D and that bitch on the Dam's side goes back to a Fanconi Affected dog by the name of Hofer Zipper. Hofer was known puppy mill now out of business with heavy Fanconi and Hip problems"

    Hestikin Hills has an interesting storyline - her original stuff came from Betty Sweeter in Foley MN who has been in the newspaper several times for her sick and dying dogs of many breeds. She has significant fanconi, hip dysplasia AND the only to my knowledge recorded 2 cases of Von Wildebrands disease (of course don't know if there are more unless they find me.) VWD is a Doberman blood disorder.

    Her HH's stuff came from there and then she got a Budlight grandson by misrepresenting herself - breeder tried to get the dog back through the courts so she showed him a couple of times to demonstrate that she shows and sent him up to Canada to get a Canadian CH. She bred him a lot and as soon as she could have bitches where the Sweeter stuff didn't show up as much she pulled her significantly fanconi bitches of the internet. She then got 2 males from the N'Har stud because that breeder did not believe anyone who told her the kind of operation she has. (she has also has similar difficulties with the IG clubs - and was taking in rescues and breeding them from what I've been told.

    She has done enough breeding now that some of the 'danger' dogs don't show up anymore and she is careful on what pedigrees that she posts. HH Dynomite Tom ended up at an auction I believe in MO along with at least 2 other Hestikin HIlls dogs - this is what she appears to do with animals that she can't sell.

    On her website she will tell you that she is with the Wisconsin Humane Society and that she is a CGC evaluator (that requires that you fill out a form and mail it in with some money)

    She prefers to show in Canada - and preferes to register with APR and thinks that basenji clubs are naughty mean people.

    She is in Wisconsin - and I actually met her at a show and she showed me a pedigree and I said at least it's better than what she had before and she said what do you mean - and I told her the bitches names and she denied she ever had them. (I had copies of their pedigrees from her site.)

    In any event - there are some advantages of being older than dirt and one of them is - I have a long history of some of these names.

  • And there are 2 lovely litters in Indiana one is 3/4 african I believe and there are 2 brindles and the rest red&Whilte and the other litter is all red and white - all from well bred and well tested animals - with responsible breeders.

    But that's how it goes.

  • We can share all we know. Its up to the person to decide what they are going to do.

  • I am late to this discussion but if anyone is interested, I can post the history of WL's Kennel, Walter and Lois Choate. I am also familiar with Dixie Maxwell. I have met and spoken with both of them at dog auctions.


  • Jennifer, I seem to remember you from somewhere… is it from the pedigree database??? I am interested to learn more of the WL line and history. Seems as though this bunch has branched out like crazy... And to be honest, it is not a good thing! My Bella is one of the offspring of the WL & KKDK clan. I have to worry about her health because of poor ancestry... Please do share the info with me. I am going to try to get a link to my email on my page, if you would like to email me personally!

  • @bellabasenji:

    Jennifer, I seem to remember you from somewhere… is it from the pedigree database??? I am interested to learn more of the WL line and history. Seems as though this bunch has branched out like crazy... And to be honest, it is not a good thing! My Bella is one of the offspring of the WL & KKDK clan. I have to worry about her health because of poor ancestry... Please do share the info with me. I am going to try to get a link to my email on my page, if you would like to email me personally!

    I could be wrong, but the ID is the same as her email so I am pretty sure this is the Jennifer who works with the auctions for BRAT. If so, she was going to send Dash's info to the database.

    When I spoke with her recently I was amazed how she kept all these dogs names and lines in her head. We are so lucky to have such amazing resources at our disposal.

  • Just to correct a misunderstanding, I do not rescue Bs from the auctions for BRAT. Earlier this year I picked up some Bs at the OH auction location but they were not sold at the auction and most of them did go to BRAT. They were a breeder/dealer/broker turnover. I have one at my place who I considered to have too much of a socialization problem to go to BRAT. I am presently fostering an elderly B, 15 years old, for BRAT.

    I consider myself an independent B rescuer who usually rescues from the auctions. I do have a Petfinder account, Jen's Rescue, but my adoptions are usually done by word of mouth. Some of my Bs may have some health issues, most are usually minor. I do most of the hereditary testing on my rescues, including the Fanconi DNA testing, thyroid testing, CERF eye exams, and hip x-rays, read by a vet only, not sent in to OFA for reading. The hip x-rays I have only done if I notice a gait/running problem or if the B might do lure coursing. I do not have the other tests turned in to OFA for publication since the extra cost would add up to quite a bit for all of the rescues but I keep all the records .

    One thing I recommend is to teach your dogs at a young age to take pills. I teach my rescues by giving them brewers yeast tablets coated with canned food. All of my dogs come running to the kitchen when I say "pills". This helps if your dog ever has to take antibiotics, thyroid medication, pain medication, and/or the pills for Fanconi. I consider it just as important as crate training. My last one and my present one with Fanconi were/are wonderful pill takers and I believe this has helped them live longer than some other Bs with Fanconi. (This probably should be posted on another forum thread.)

  • Hestekin Hills has an interesting storyline which is all made up and fabricated by dmcarty and Sally Wournus.
    The real story line is: Hestekin Hills got her first 4 Basenji dogs from a breeder in Neillsville, WI named Lynn Evans. Lynn Evans had purchased 2 males and 2 females from a South Dakota breeder (one male was tom) Lynn Evans had big intentions to show her new dogs but quickly decided that showing was not the fun that she was expecting it to be. The basenji show group was down right mean to her!
    Hestekin Hills is not associated with, not friends with, and does not deal with Betty Sweeter (this is one of the many lies made up by dmcarty) Evans Diamond Dutches, Evans Diamond Dezaray, Hestekin Hills Dynamite Tom, and Evans Diamond Drummer. Drummer (Toms sire) was adopted out to a family in Hudson. Tom was adopted out to a breeder/show home in Oklahoma where the breeder quickly grew, and after a run in with dmcarty and friends decided to no longer show. 8 years later this breeder sold some of her dogs by way of an auction, this was not Hestekin Hills who put Tom in the auction, and there were no other Hestekin Hills dog in this action as dmcarty claims. Tom was picked up by the rescue and place in a great pet home where they love him dearly. This family contacted Hestekin Hills after they adopted Tom and they have kept in touch with each other since:

    –---Original Message-----
    Hi Teresa!
    Nice to hear from you. Tom is doing fantastic! We love him so much, that we added a female Basenji puppy to our family in May 2007. Tom and Phoebe are best pals. They enjoy walks in the park, tug-o-war with each other, and 500s in the backyard (and sometimes in the house!). Tom doesn't act like he's ten! Both dogs sleep with our 11-year-old daughter and will snuggle with whoever is sitting in the recliner in our living room. Basically spoiled rotten! Have a happy new year!
    Jamie D. Honeycutt
    -----End Of Original Message-----

    Her HH's stuff came from there and then she got a Budlight grandson by misrepresenting herself
    Hestekin Hills did not misrepresent herself in the purchase of Hestekin Hills Budlight King. The original contract and bill of sale can be faxed to anyone who wants it. King was delivered by Karen Kutcha to Teresa Hestekin and Karen was happy to see him going to a breeder/show home. After King attended a couple of shows and dmcarty got a look at him dmcarty was scared she would get beat (King is the perfect specimen of a Basenji) Dmcarty at that time started making up stories and lies about this great dog. She contacted Karen Kutcha and talked her into taking Teresa Hestekin to court, where Karen Kutchas tried to claim that King was not paid for. The original bill of sale/contract was presented at the time of court and the judge slapped Karen Kutcha on the hand and scoulded her for lying but Hestekin Hills did not file another action against Karen for the lie. Teresa Hestekin, thinking that something happened to Karen Kutchas dog offered Karen a pick puppy from an upcoming litter (just to be nice). Even after this great effort to be nice to Karen Kutcha, Karen proceeded to send threats to Teresa Hestekin stating that Karen or a friend of Karens (meaning dmcarty and Sally Wuornos) would poison or steal King if they seen him at a show, so for the safety and well being of King he finished his Canadian Championship and was not shown again at AKC events. Anyone who loves their dog would have done the same thing for his protection wouldn't they? Now where is sportsmanship in all of this? If you go to basenjipedigrees.com you can see the 3 litters that King has sired. King is now 9 years old, and in these 9 years there have been a ton of tall tales developed by this Basenji club.

    Hestekin Hills has never had any issues with the Italian Greyhound club as dmcarty claims. The Italian Greyhound club is a group of wonderful people who are honest, helpful and have sportsmanship values (yes they believe in sportsmanship)
    Teresa Hestekin is a CGC evaluator she holds 2 clinics per year at her kennel/home.

    Teresa Hestekin registers her dogs with only AKC (she does not use APR as dmcarty claims) She shows AKC mostly but when her dogs life is threated by poor sports she will show in Canada.

    At one show Teresa Hestekin met dmcarty, and wanted to talk about pedigrees and breeding dmcarty was not helpful but was rude, crude and down right nasty (this was 9 years of so ago) Another basenji breeder confronted Teresa Hestekin and told her that dmcarty is a poor sport and hates to loose, she is mean to all new comers so no one will show against her! That is why in this area there are so few Basenji dogs in the show ring. (Where is the sportsmanship in that?)

  • I don't know if tar9091 is Teresa Hestekin talking about herself in the third person or someone else who has chosen to use the same ID as Teresa's email address. To whomever it may, if anyone has gotten the idea that Teresa Hestekin uses alternative registries it is from Teresa's own site that they would have gotten that impression. http://www.hestekinhills.com/Baa.htm

    It clearly states as point 1 of My Affliations and Registries that Teresa Hestekin is in good standing with AKC, APR, UKC, CKC, RKF, UKCI, and more, how can you be in good standing with an organization you do not use or are not a part of?

    I have no idea which side is telling the truth but would urge anyone to do their own research and look for verifiable facts such as using the OFA database to confirm health testing is done, making sure that both parents of any litter are clearly listed by either registered name or number so they can be looked up in the AKC and OFA database.

  • How would you look to verify health concerns that aren't on the OFA? Is there any way to do so? I'm thinking mainly of checking for an autoimmune problem.

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