HELP! how to get doggie pee out of carpet!!

  • hmm i think i am going to try the natures stuff since we live in a SUPER hot place. Thanks sooo much for your help!

  • First I suck all the pee up with my Bissell Little Green ProHeat TurboBrush - Pet. Then I soak the spot with a cleaner you can get at places like My Organic Market or Common Market - health food stores - it's called Bac-Out stain and odor eliminator and it works great, it's also natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It doesn't stink either, it smells like lime. After about 30 minutes I then suck up all the liquid with the machine. The machine is a more advanced version at the Little Green Clean Machine only it has more features. The machine and the Bac-Out work great on furniture too. I know all this sounds like a lot but we didn't have any problem with repeat visits to the same location if you know what I mean…. Believe it or not, the Bac-out even worked on cat pee!!

  • Oh, my little girl's name is also Chloe!! 🙂

  • Nature's Miracle is the best out there. Works on everything…even red wine in white dress shirts. LOL

  • Thanks for the red wine tip, I'm a sloppy drinker!

  • Oxy Clean best stuff ever

  • I use Natures Miracle as well.
    It does work, and I have yet to have the pee smell come back.
    Do let us know what you decide.

  • I have never had the smell come back with vinegar and water… and certainly cheap enough... and not only had more then enough practice with puppies, but with my elders also....

  • Well I went to walmart to get the Natures stuff since I have seen it there before…. they didnt have it... so i got some stuff made by Hartz for dog urine. I have to try it out. If it dosent work then Thursday after i take her to get fixed i will go to petsmart since i was soo busy today with trying to get her into a vet for her supposive ring worm. Ill let you know if this stuff works though I am gonna give it a try later tonight.

  • Use vinegar and water in the meantime.

  • Nature's Miracle works great on smell, but on sunny days I can still see the stain.

    I purchased a Bissel little green for accidents, but haven't had the chance to use it yet. (Accidents here are few and far between…I get more bile/stomach yaks than pee...thankfully, only 1 big pee on the new carpet...don't know which one did it, and both were vetted was either a dog that was really pissed off {no pun intended}, or a rainy week that I didn't walk the older boy long enough)

    What's the vinegar and water ratio? warm, cold, hot water? Good on wool?, or just synthetic?

  • Vinegar and water is good on any surface that I have used it on over the years… and I think safe for any surface/material.... When I have puppies, I keep a spray bottle of 1/2 and 1/2.... then when I had all elders in the house maybe 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water.. I would start out with warm water, but since I just left the bottle sitting around.. it was really room temp. I found that the elders pee was much less concentrated then the pups.. so lots less smell... however puppy pee is way smaller in size... ggg

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