URGENT! I'm scared!

BTW did you say 1/2 an immodium tablet? I'll have to ask my vet and try that next time Bella has stomach problems. It's becoming increasingly difficult to get the pink pepto liquid into her!!!:eek:

I don't use Pepto because I don't want to wear the pink sticky stuff - 1/2 of an Imodium works well for diarrhea most of the time, along with the rice and boiled chicken diet. It usually only takes one dose, sometimes two. If it continues after 2 doses, I would definitely contact the vet.


Hello everyone, another update!

Shango woke up this morning smiling that lovely basenji smile!

I gave him the 1/2 Imodium AD and he slept for the rest of last night but woke up this morning, drank some of his water, and then started playign with his favorite tennis ball!

It seems like he's better! He'll be continuing his bland diet for a few days until his BM shape up.

Thank you SO much for your concerns guys!

I have heard that if your basenji has a bad "bug" in his gut, you want to let him get it out.
Stopping him up can cause the bug to cause more issues.
I am not sure this is the case, just wanted to share this with you all.

I think this is true… up to a point. Sometimes it is difficult to tell where to draw the line between letting the "bad stuff" work it's way out of the system, and giving meds to stop diarrhea. There is that fear of dehydration lingering in your mind when they keep going...

How is he doing today?

Shango's back to normal!

wipes forehead

I was getting so scared. We went to the park yesterday evening and he ran and played with a frisbee and we had a blast! (Pictures are posted in the SHOW OFF YOUR DOG section :))

Thanks for your concern, Sharla!

That is wonderful news!!!:D

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