WANTED FEMALE Basenji for southern ohio family

  • Carol Ann is wonderful! I have visited her a couple times. It would be worth the drive to Cable.

  • @annie_9499:

    🙂 I am looking for a young basenji dog; a year old or younger, I would love to have it for my husband for christmas. I live in southern ohio. Please contact me if you have one that could fit what i am looking for!!!!!!:)

    Either Brindel or red and white! Thank you!!

    A guy has listed one named gumby on www.puppyfinder.com that is located in waverly, ohio. I am in Chillicothe. where are you in southern ohio?

  • A basenji is a 14-16 year commitment, so driving a few extra miles to get a dog from a well known and well respected breeder is a good investment for your future! I recommend you call and visit CarolAnne, I understand she has really nice dogs.
    Anne in Tampa

  • CarolAnne has wonderful dogs.
    YOU will be very lucky if she finds your the right home for her "babies".
    Good luck and keep us informed.

  • I'm west of Columbus…not so Southern Ohio...sorry.

    CarolAnn Worsham
    Cable OH USA

  • I am in Waverly, zanybrave, i just looked on puppyfinder i didnt see it though!

  • i am in waverly, i will look on puppyfinder again but i didnt see it the first time.

  • I strongly agree with Anne and urge you to consider breeders or rescues that may be a bit of drive but are responsible and will work with you to get a well tempered, healthy pet. Basenjis live into their teens and it is important that the dog you choose will be a good fit.

  • Ok I live in a quite neighborhood in a town called Waverly, Ohio I am married for 17 years, i have two children ages 14 and 9 girl and a boy. i also have a miniature schnauzer 4 years old. i am as of right now a stay at home mom, just finished school, looking for a job. looking for a young basenji, a rescue perhaps!

  • Who can help me? Looking for a female! and i know i can not afford a breeders price!

  • CarolAnn posted her website link in her post. She is a breeder but also has rescues that are looking for homes. Sharron posted the link to BRAT, http://www.basenjirescue.org

  • @annie_9499:

    Who can help me? Looking for a female! and i know i can not afford a breeders price!

    Rescues are not free either. Vaccinations, the spay, any treatment all costs money. I am not sure a breeder will charge you much more for a retired dog than a rescue would for any dog.

    Why do you want a Basenji specifically? I know you said you wanted to get it for your husband but have you been owned by one before, has he?

    I am just curious, I wouldn't want you to get a dog thinking one thing and then totally realizing there is a lot more to them then "silent", "non-shedding" and small.

    I would recommend you contact BRAT. I have a 10-mo old female that will be posted soon. You will need to have a home visit as well as answer some questions.

  • http://www.puppyfind.com/
    this is the correct web page that has the gumby in waverly however gumby is a boy; we found our rescue on petfinder.com and she still cost us $200 from the warren county shelter. CarolAnn was very helpful in answering questions we had once we adopted Cammie. I would definitely considering driving up to CarolAnn's.

  • Hi There,

    I live in Mid-Michigan and we are expecting our 2nd litter here in couple of weeks. We are not breeders but we have 3 basenjis, 1 is from our last litter. She is due within the next couple of weeks and they will be ready to go closer to the beginner of February.

    Feel free to contact me if you'd like.


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