• Looks like over 2wks of age…

  • Still, that is wonderful for you breeder folks yes?

  • Of course… not sure why you would need to do at 2wks of age... either the parents were done... or... if breeding a litter that could produce carriers... then still you can get it done before placement of pups... since most responsible breeders do not place pups till 10wks...

  • Absolutely, it should be no problem waiting until after 2 weeks old but when my mom was talking to the lab, they stressed that though the test could be used on puppies they needed to be older than 2 weeks.

  • What GREAT news. hopefully this will help all those that balk at the idea of sending blood samples to go ahead and get testing done. My hat off to the AMAZING folks at UofM.

  • How would you sign up 2 week old pups? Hardly any breeders register their pups that young?

  • The CPP doesn't care if you have names or numbers. That is why we have dogs like Unnamed Puppy 1 in the OFA database. I also think some breeders were told that they could update the information once they had it so the pups results could be received prior to the pups leaving for their new homes.

  • Thank you for this information!!! This helps me out a lot as far as getting mine tested!

  • I am doing the happy dance - not that I breed a lot or anything but hauling to the vet and making sure they have the right tubes and then getting it shipped out is a pain - heck I could do the cheek swab in a flash - well first I have to catch them - then in a flash. 🙂

  • I am hopeful this will be a test every basenji owner does.
    It gives you information so, if needed, you can be prepared.
    Knowledge is power and keeping our dogs with us as long as we can is the thing we should all strive for.
    I am so happy to live in this time.
    Who knows, maybe in the next 10 yrs, fanconis will be like rickets…we just don't see them.

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