• That is why you go in agility with the right mindset…you hope to complete the course, but mostly, its fun for you and your b...
    So, find some beginning courses in your area, go with a large sense of humor and bring home a very tired b...
    Let us know how it goes...

  • Thank you for the encouragement. I'm sure we would really have a blast. Travis has been talking about it since we got her. Is there usually an instructor present to give tips? I guess I need to do some research. And Shelby will do almost anything for a treat. She's learned to sit, lay, shake and give a high five for them after her walks. 🙂

  • Oh, yes, there is a trainer…for YOU mostly! laugh.
    but its fun and it is good exercise for both you and your dog.
    Call the vets and ask if they know of a breed club in your area that does basic agility training.
    That should get you going.
    Also, check out lurecouring...b's love to run!

  • Here are some video clips of my husband and I with our dogs at an agility workshop. Just so you know, it took many months for us to get to the point of working off leash and they still have to work on leash occassionally since they can be a bit distractable. We haven't worked up to competition yet, though might try a CPE trial soon.

  • What a good looking pup. Agility is the most fun you can have with your dog! And yes, basenjis do tend to enjoy "free style" agility. Find a club/training facility and ask if you can watch a class. See if you feel comfortable with their methods and the trainer. Here are pics of mine doing agility

  • The Tri is Jet, right?

  • Yes, my Tri-ing dog is Jet. (Jerlin's Saint or Sinner since I know you like that pedigree stuff. And I just got his Fanconi in - Prob Clear.)

  • Shelby is gorgeous! The 'ridgie' comes with excitement, alert, whatever, not necessarily a sign of aggression. If she is a border=collie mix, she will excel at agility I imagine. Basenjis like doing the agility stuff, running and climbing, getting treats, etc, look for a club or group, as advised, you will be surprised how quickly she will learn what to do, and it is a great way to use up some of that energy!
    Welcome to you and your girl, she is really pretty.

    Anne in Tampa

  • @agilebasenji:

    Yes, my Tri-ing dog is Jet. (Jerlin's Saint or Sinner since I know you like that pedigree stuff. And I just got his Fanconi in - Prob Clear.)

    I know him and always liked him…. gggg... you and I had some conversation a few years ago about breeding, but the bitch I wanted to lease never worked out... Braveheart was his litter brother.... who was a cool dog!

  • Seeing b's do agility, or rally, its wonderful.
    Your b's are great reps of the breed.
    Thanks for sharing your photos.
    Kudos on the fanconis clear!

  • Yes, Jet is a Braveheart littermate. I've saw a tri that looked a LOT like Jet at a show once. Started talking to the people and they told me of thier dog's pedigree; he was a Braveheart son. And yes, I remember you asking me, but didn't know if you remembered his call name or just the long one. I only have 3 basenjis, all different colors, so it's easy to tell them apart

  • Yup, I remembered…. and I still have in the back of my mind one day to use him (or his sperm)... for a litter....

  • Welcome to the pack and keep us informed about her antics. We love stories ina ddition to pictures 🙂

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