• I hope you enjoy these photos of Mick.


  • Pretty girl.

  • I like the paw picture best of all.

  • @Natalplum:
    In this pic of Mick's foot you can see that he still has his dew claws. The dew claw is that fifth toe up on the side where the "thumb" would be. This is not surprising since you got him from a pet store and very few commercial breeders will waste the time or money to remove the dew claws. Make sure to keep them well trimmed and if you decide that you would like to course or race your boy with AKC, ASFA, LGRA, or NOTRA, you may want to use vet wrap to tape them to avoid them getting hung up on something in the field and tearing.

    He is a handsome boy.

  • My fav is the last pic. He has so much expression in his face. So lovely.

  • OT:
    Hmm, what is so bad about the dew claw? In Germany it is forbidden to take it off without any health issue! All my dogs have their dew claws and I have seen them often use it to hold for example their chewies….

    I think, there is two varieties of these claws: one is with a bone attached to the regular bone structure of the foot and the more dangerous variation is just the claw in a little skin bag without any fixation to the leg except the skin, because this could be torn off while playing and running outside. The nails have to be kept short in both variations, as the dogs might hurt them selves scratching in their faces.... but I guess this is with any of their claws.



  • Beautiful pictures! I love his face in the second picture!

    And about the dew claws.. Mirtillo also still has them (forbidden to remove in big part of Europe) and he actually uses them as well. I do trim them, but with our other dog this wasn't even necessary.

  • Almost all the show breeders take the dew claws off.
    Pat, do you know anythat show dogs with dew claws in the US?

  • Mick is very cute! Great photos - thanks for sharing.

  • nice photos! they are living room material!

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