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    Evaluation is still in progress. Zoe has been neglected both physically and emotionally, she is slowly learning how to be a dog again. I've discovered that calming signals works WONDERS on her! She is still reactive but will almost immediately diffuse once shown calming signals, especially yawning.

    We've got her up just over 16 lbs and she still has a bit to go. I really need to take some more photos, her coat and overall look as continued to improve.


  • She's a sweetie. I hope she finds a wonderful forever home soon.

  • Awww, what a sweetie.

    Wondering about calming signals - I'll go search but if you can share a bit, that would be great.

  • Calming signals are what dog do to other dogs to make them see they are not threat.
    Yawning, soft eye blinks, turning the head away from direct eye contact,
    Its not something everyone believe in, but I have seen it work, and I do.
    It a very good body laungage to learn if your dealing with damaged dogs.
    Oh, Zoe was 14 lbs when she came to her first foster home.
    Andrea, you should post those photos..without the wife in them..this girl was a rack of bones and put on 2 lbs in 2 days at her first foster home.
    Oh, yea, she had yellow poop as well..

  • And just who is the breeder?… would love to know that....

  • Don't know…they said they had paperwork, but oddly it was never give to us, even after many requests.
    Came from Central Or..I contact one of my good breeder friends from Or and asked who would have had b's in that area, and these folks checked out to be not the ones who sired her..so, its unknown.
    BUT I do know the Or show breeders do the dew claws, so that is a big clue to me..
    Pat, I have seen many rescue b's but this one is the poorest basenji rep I have even seen...
    I do so hope Andrea posts a photos.
    She is undersized, bad feet, her head..oh, my...well, one photo will tell you lots.
    I did try to find out..I always do work to inform the breeders their dog is in rescue and if nothing else, it give the new owners an idea of health issues they might face in the future.

  • Poor girl. I hope she is able to find her forever home. In the meantime, it is great that she was blessed to have found such an amazing foster mommy!

  • Zoe is doing well, she's learning what life should be like as a loved doggie. Check out the same link I put above, I added some photos I took of her yesterday. This girl is still wolfing down about 1.5 lbs of food a day and her spine no longer shows, her ribs and points of her hips still show just a little bit but should be nicely covered in about a week. It took longer to put weight on this girl than others because she doesn't like satin balls - go figure! 🙂

    When I get home this afternoon I'll add the 3 original photos of her, the transformation is shocking to say the least.

    BTW this photo is my favorite!


  • I like that one as well..
    She has so much white…this makes her look beautiful...bright and interested.
    So much different from the starved b' we got to you.
    I mean, after all, she put on 2 lbs in her first foster home and she was just there a few days...
    Gee, what do you mean?? You have to FEED dogs???
    gag! what were these folks thinking???
    Thank heavens they turned her over to BRAT.
    If anyone has a basenji smart home who could take in this diamond in the rough, please let me or Andrea know.
    She needs her forever home.
    No kids, and has to be basenji smart!

  • I think she'd be fine with dog savvy kids 12 and older. The smaller ones could inadvertently corner her and bubble up her neglect.


  • OK ladies and gents, brace yourself for the pre-BRAT photos, they are not pretty… I added them to the front of the photostream 😞



  • Poor girl…. thank goodness she is safe now!

  • The first foster home put weight on her and Andrea has been able to work on her behaviors as well.
    She will one day, be a jewel in somones home.

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