• just had a call from a breeder who has black and whites. I got Kaycee out of the paper from some people who had two red/whites and wanted mum to have a litter, then had her sterilised. Turns out that Kaycee's dad is originally from this particular breeder. it's a sign, i'm sure of it. And it turns out that black/whites are fine by me. Gonna go up and see them in a couple of weeks and pick a litle boy. They are only four days old. I can't wait to see them.

  • Well BIG congrats!!!!!!!!

    dont you love it when the world just works out that way? 😛

  • Hope you get one that works with you.

  • I have had reds, now have 2 tris and 1 black & white. While I have loved every one, my black/white, Topper, is my true "heart dog" so I have a strong prejudice for black & white! Good luck, you will love whatever you get.

    Anne in Tampa

  • Glad it worked out for you.

  • Thanks guys
    Your support really means a lot. When i figure out how to send photos, i will.

  • I love black and whites and have two myself.

    Please make sure that the parents have been tested for Fanconi Syndrome. There are many Australian basenjis in the OFA database just type in the parents' names to see if they are there.


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