• @sharronhurlbut:

    Pat, I have to bow to your knowledge of puppies.
    I am more aware of adult dogs issues…
    But I do know with some other breeds of puppies, they can eat rocks and then have surgeries.
    We had a springer who did this.

    You are for sure right… they can and do eat/swallow rocks... and people do need to watch that... but I find that pups during teething will chew the strangest things... but only when teething...

    But again that is not to say that we all need to watch what is "going" in their mouths!

  • Do you have something you can recommend to folks with teething pups that won't hurt them?
    I will try to remember when asked!

  • Beautiful dogs, both. Ghetti has a stunning face! He's gorgeous

  • Lovely pups! 😃

  • Oh so cute. Thanks for sharing the pics. 🙂

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    Do you have something you can recommend to folks with teething pups that won't hurt them?
    I will try to remember when asked!

    If you are asking about things for teething pups.. honestly if rocks, cactus, big sticks suits their fancy… I just let them... of course within reasons and watch that they don't swallow the rocks... but have not had problems in the past. Inside, things like frozen carrots work well. Some use a frozen wash cloth.. but you have to be careful with those they don't try to eat the cloth.. so it is not high on my list... and all other normal toy toys... Of course as we all know the things of choise would be table legs, chair legs, socks, undies,..... so being aware of where your pup is at all times is pretty important if you want things of value to you to remain "intact"...

  • Thanks so much for the compliments on my babies and the advise. We got both dogs from breeders. Ghetti is from Amazing Sun X Nowata's Love Kid and Nala is from Zindakas Sly AnubieX Sulous Venus Venture. As far as the chewing we did get her a nylabone and offer that to her as soon as we see her chewing something she is not supposed to. I will defintely go out and buy the bitter apple to keep her from eating the patio furniture and other items. As far as the rocks as soon as we discoverd she was chewing on the rocks we have been supervising her more closely when outside. I like the frozen carrots idea will try that. Any other good chewing items out there I can buy? Inside the house if everyone is busy ..there are 3 adults and 2 kids in this house.. she is put in her crate.:D

  • So, related to Mauigirl's new tri boy?….

  • Yes, they're related on the dam's side. Sulou's Venus Venture and our Riley boy are half sibs, both being out of Su-Rons Miss Fancy Pants. Not sure what that relationship would be..Riley is half uncle to Nala?

  • What a pretty girl! Welcome - this board has been such a great resource ever since we adopted our sweet (walk-loving, treat-disdaining, couch-cushion chewing) Fiji.

  • Weeeelllcome!

  • How darling..love those ears!

  • Yes, they would be related then. Susan told us about one of the tri boys going to California. All of her puppies were sooo adorable.

  • Both of your babies are beautiful! I love Nala's face.

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