Wait by the bathroom door?


Admittedly, when I'm taking care of my business on the toilet, I like to stroke my dog. 😃

I hope my sick sense of humor doesn't get me kicked outta here. 😉 We're all adults, right???

Don't feel bad… 😃 I am sure there are others just afraid to admit they do the same... me being one....;)

We have 'open door policy' in our house, by popular demand. If closed, the scratching and banging on the door doesn't stop, so might as well just leave them all open. Mine don't demand that the bathroom door be opened for visitors, just for us. They don't like for our pack to be separated!


Wait I'm confused, is there something called using the bathroom in peace and without four legged guests? LMAO

We have to open door policy also, we have to remind guest to close the door al the way or one of the 3 (if not all) will invite themselves in. They don't beat the door down if there is someone in the house, but I usually have to tell them all I'm getting in the shower so they can follow (yup, cat included)


Admittedly, when I'm taking care of my business on the toilet, I like to stroke my dog. :D…

LOL!! My mind, as usual, is in the gutter! But it's so much fun splashin' around down here! (My apologies to anyone who isn't like-minded.)

Ours will also sit outside the door sometimes. We have been known to stick the edge of a magazine under there and move it back and forth a little - hilarity ensues!

Jack does that TOO!!! But then again, He follows us EVERYWHERE we go in the house…even the bathroom (and if we close the door he lays up against it until we some out!) EXCEPT when the bath water is on!!!!!!! HAHAA

Topaz likes to hang out on the bath rug while we're in there..can't close the door otherwise we get scratches :eek:

I'll be good…I promise...PLEASE

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