The Worst thing your dog ruined!!!

  • oh, and he also ate the entire middle out of my brother's queen size mattress, right where he slept! LOL

  • @Barklessdog:

    What thing has your dog destroyed that sank your heart.

    My basenji has taught me to be a very good Buddhist. By that I mean I've learned not to place so much value on material possessions (apologies to any actual practicing Buddhists out there…I'm just using this as an example) 🙂

    Here's my funny story from just this past weekend.

    She-Ra loves my DVD's. She also loves underwear and socks (I'm guessing I'm not alone on that one!). I don't fret so much about her chewing up a DVD case as I do her getting to the DVD inside of it and splintering it and hurting herself. So I tell my wife I've had enough…we need to get a nice cabinet to put the DVD's in that closes and is hard for her to even nudge open. Let's go shopping.

    My wife agrees and we find a really nice unit that looks great in our house. My wife brings up the point that she's tired of fighting the dog for clothes from her old chest of drawers (which is low to the ground and an open invite). While we're there, we should look for better bedroom furniture...

    You guessed it, one cabinet, two chests, two nightstands later, we've got a completely retooled place...all for the sake of the dog! 🙂

    I made my wife hug her when we got back home. LOL.

    Nice furniture though, so I'm not complaining. 🙂

    I'm still not sure my wife wasn't putting the dog up to eating my DVD's either… hee hee...

  • lol theres always a catch 😉 you just fell into the trap she set for you.. 😃

  • Over all the years, hmmm,lets see: a latex king sized bed turned into chunks of foam, carpet ripped up in a rental house, not too many shoes, much underwear, 4 couch cushions, 3 pairs of expensive perscription glasses, the collar of my favorite leather jacket, 4 or 5 nice leather purses, and oh yeah, the complete leather interior of an MGB-GT (back in the 70's), including the visors and headliner. I still think Knipper "wins" !

    Anne in Tampa

  • @MacPack:

    Over all the years, hmmm,lets see: a latex king sized bed turned into chunks of foam, carpet ripped up in a rental house, not too many shoes, much underwear, 4 couch cushions, 3 pairs of expensive prescription glasses, the collar of my favorite leather jacket, 4 or 5 nice leather purses, and oh yeah, the complete leather interior of an MGB-GT (back in the 70's), including the visors and headliner. I still think Knipper "wins" !

    Anne in Tampa

    That is quite a list!

    I forgot to ad our also destroyed two retainers, and chewed a hole through our living room carpet down to the wood within a few minutes.

    Dental retainers are never safe and always fair game, like dirty underwear.

  • In a little over 18months…mine have destroyed:

    -Dh's Xmas gift DVD collection of Seinfeld
    -4 Couch pillows
    -3 Couch Cushions (what you actually sit on!)
    -1 Couch arm (no more armrest)
    -2 Cell phones
    -1 tv remote
    -1 toothpaste tube
    -1 leather ottoman
    -1 pair of shoes (yes both left & right, to be consistent of course :eek:)
    -1 meatloaf dinner, turkey sandwich, slice of pizza, foccacia bread (counter surfing :eek:)
    -1 shampoo bottle (travel size)
    -2 tooth brushes
    -several tampons (couldn't figure out how many in the aftermath)
    -too many men's shoelaces (little girl has a shoelace fetish on DH's shoes)

    I think that just about covers it 😃 ...luckily some has been subconciously blocked out of memory.

  • I also forgot that my dog killed a rare dwarf conifer graft I just planted.

    He comes up to me with it's little body in his mouth all limp. That was a $50 plant. I tried saving it, but it was dead within a day or so.

    Another one of those sense of humor incidents. He was so proud when he brought it to me. I could not be mad at him, he was so cute.

  • @wizard:

    Gee EL D must be a saint - the only thing he's done is to chew the edges of an afghan I got for christmas (and gave to him anyway), the handle off the paper grocery bags, napkins, and his obedience class ribbon.

    I'm with you on this one, now granted I do have more time I'm sure LOL, but Tiggy hasn't destroyed anything other than that what's going out already (like paper from the recycling bin. He has tried to steal (the same shoe) of Dave's and it does have a few teeth marks in it, but he's not really the destructive type.

  • Congo is into electronics, numerous cell phones, remote controls, and the worst was a roommate's $1500 new hearing aide. Now that he is older he doesn't do that anymore but he still loves underwear, tampons, paper, etc.

  • Where does the list begin and end with my B's. Most expensive was my hearing aid, several pair of glasses (including the first half hour of a visit from an old friend) Lost count of the remotes we've replaced. Shoes, and bras number to countless.
    I thought I was a good housekeeper, then thought I was a more careful one. After 3 years with B's. I resort to anti-depressants, and prayer. LOL Thankfully more lately, things are rather normal. I can put toilet tissue on the roller again, and torn up napkins or such is the only casualties.

    hAVING MEMORIES of TWO B's FOR 15 AND 17 YEARS previous to these, kept me from slashing my wrist. Love those B's.

  • I've been lucky too. Chey and Apache aren't too bad. Chey has ripped up some sheets..I've stopped buying the expensive ones. Apache chewed the corners of some furniture. A little bitter apple and he'll move on to another piece. I like to think it gives the furniture some character. I can't put tp on the rolls..that's still Apache's favorite toy.
    Dakota on the other hand, destuffed an ottoman, chewed up quite a few pairs of glasses, a pet sitters dentures and tore up a huge area of carpet at a rental.

  • @Knipper:

    LOL we were lucky it was just the handle, we never found the blade though… Blaze did the underwear thing, and Mom reminded me that he ripped up an entire section of underground sprinklers, the cost about $2100 to fix... He also ate the roast nettings, including the metel pieces, and two and a half bolts off of his kennel, yup, that one half is still holding on...

    But seriously, he's calmed down since he turned twelve... that makes two years of peace...

    I now know longer feel like I have the devil in disguise for a B!!! LOL Trixie has destroyed more things in my home than my 3 children ever thought about destroying and the oldest son is 21!! Here goes my list, 2 rooms of carpet, 3 phone chargers, 2 computer cords, countless shoes, 4 dining room chairs, 4 legs to dining room table, chewed a chunk out of door jam to our bedroom, 4 sets of sheets, a comforter and multiple dog pads and blankets that were in her crate!!! You scare me with the turned twelve comment since she just turned one in December!! LOL

  • Does my sanity count?

  • @agilebasenji:

    Does my sanity count?

    Hee, hee….good point!

  • @agilebasenji:

    Does my sanity count?


    Been there

  • My dogs just chewed up a five dollar bill. Does that increase their value? I wonder if I'll find any change when I clean up the back yard? Does this mean they have expensive taste? 🙂

  • Hey I figured I would keep this thread going. Our delightful beastie decided Sat. that my bed needed a small hole right in the middle of it. Not sure how she does it but she peels the sheets off and goes right for the bed! Than last night she decided to do it again. By husband and I have been talking about getting a new bed but I think we will wait a little while. GRRRRRRRRRR

  • I have patched a foam mattress with duct tape…...more than once.....

    Anne in Tampa

  • We have found we can leave Zip out and about after we've cleaned up and thrown clothes either in the bathroom or the closet and put things on the dining table and pushed in the chairs. And sometimes non-smelly clothes will survive if they're left out by accident. But underwear, socks and the crotch of pants, no way. So my roommate/dp (gender neutral Dh, haha) just had a guest for 10 days. And after Zip chewed up a pair of her pants, shorts and a bag, we realized that we ought to be extra cautious about "things" that have a new smell. Now, this guest carries Coach handbags and the like so when I got the text message "Zip chewed up Becca's bag" I was thinking THE WORST! It turned out to be a $30 dollar bright green and pink canvas bag from TJ MAXX. Whew. Possibly the best (worst?) part is that the guest is sure she had everything zipped up in her suitcase (after losing the pants and the shorts we were careful about cleaning up her stuff). So our darling little rascal (incidentally named Zip) unzipped the suitcase and pulled out the bag from inside. I could be underestimating Zip but I'm a tad skeptical that it was closed closed. Has anyone else's B unzipped a suitcase?!?!? :eek:

  • Unzipping things and especially good at taking off lids from metal cans is Mickii….

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