• My Sahara hates the cold weather, so I bought her 2 coats and 1 sweater. I'll tell you to get that sweater on her was like dressing a kicking baby, my son is 23 so I hadn't done that in quite some time. She did not like it at all, but once we got outside she was fine. We are having a cold front in NC right now and when I take her out to potty at night and first thing in the morning it is really cold. I put her coat on and she watches me put my coat on and seems to understand, I will say, "Sahara Mommie has to put her coat on to go outside, it is cold and she lets me put hers on with NO problem. I think this breed is the smartest dogs around, she really seems to get it. haha

  • LOVE Arti's coat and the pictures!

  • When we take mali for a walk at night we make her wear her reflective coat. Though in this picture she looks like she's putting up with it… she really hates the thing.

  • I love the company FIDO FLEECE. They make fleece dog jackets that are shaped for that greyhound/basenji belly. They fit snug and have a velcro closure down the spine vs over the head or stomach. Caesar hops right out of it after he runs in from the yard.

    They used to sell them at Petsmart. The Petsmart in Tampa has changed their vendors and I dont see the jackets in the store anymore. They do have a website.

    Caesar is about 22-24 lbs and wears size 14. He doesnt try to pull it off like other sweaters and i think it is because it is snug and soft.

  • After lots of trial & error…I tried Ruff Wear & the fit didn't work a whole 1/3 of their body was uncovered, Old Navy Sweaters was too much work to get over their heads...I FINALLY discovered Montana Dogwear which makes coats specifically for OUR B's 😃 YAY!!


    They are perfect fits for both my boy & girl. And it really looks warm & is water resistant. You can even cover their heads if it's REALLY cold out. UUGGHH this has been such a struggle.

  • Mali…where did you get the reflective coat?
    Thanks, jys, for the website. The coats are great!

  • On the Montana Dogwear site in the photo gallery there are pictures of 2 basenjis that are 18 years old!!! I did not know they could live that long.

  • Yeah, I noticed that too! I am sure there are exceptions to the rule. Can you imagine…18years????!!!!! Cool!

  • OH GOSH I would love it if my pooches lived 18yrs or 50 years would be great too 🙂

  • My dog has a few coat and has boots that she wears in the snow. She has a fleece hoodie and a jean jacket. I now have an IG doggie how hates the cold so I looked on the greyhound sites and found a coat that is made for basenji's and IG's. I forget the site off hand but I will look it up for you and get back to you. It is fleece and has a snooze(neck/head warmer). Great coat and easy to put on.

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