• Hey, anybody who is close enough to drive should come on up to the Cleveland Ohio Crown Classic Show at the IX Center in Cleveland. It is a four day cluster of shows, starting Dec 13, 14, 15 and 16. There is a great meet the breed area on Saturday, Rally O, Agility and Obedience to watch. The best part is it has the BEST holiday shopping for 'doggy' people you will find anywhere! It is a really fun, festive show…and a great place to just spend a day enjoying dogs.

    We will be showing Thursday and Saturday. Lots of great, and friendly breeders from all around the area are usually at this show...so it is lots of fun for everyone.

    I will post the time that Basenjis are showing, as soon as I find out; but I know we have lots of Ohio and Michigan and PA people here, so it would be really fun to meet up! Hope to see you there!

  • Hello- I'm only an hour from Cleveland.. so please post the times! i would love to come!!

  • Okay…so I have the times for Thur and Saturday. If you are interested in going of Friday or Sunday, you can look up the times at www.infodog.com

    Thur - Ring 18 at 10:45, there will be 14 Bs
    Sat - Ring 18 at 9:15, there will be 18 Bs

    Hope too see folks there! It really is a fun, fun show!

  • thanks for the info Andrea- cant wait! i had no clue there was gonna be that many B's there!!

  • Diego's mom? Were you there? I looked for you…of course, I have no idea what you look like 😉 I DID as a woman if she was 'diegosmom'....she said 'uh, no'. Luckily she was VERY nice though, and I explained I was trying to meet up with someone whom I have never seen.

    It was pretty funny...my face was a little red...but it was worth it getting to talk to another basenji lover 🙂

  • Hi Quercus! I was SO disappointed that we couldnt make it, but the reason why made up for it, we were driving to chicago to pick up Meeka who we adopted from BRAT.. Saturday was the only day we could get her, and we left at 6am and didnt get back till 9pm.. darn snow storm! We wanted to go sunday but again the snow, and we didnt want to leave her the first day she was home! How did the show go?? i meant to post saying i wasnt going to make it, but i was getting all the plans ready to pick up meeka and it slipped my mind..

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