Agility Birthday Party

Yesterday Sophie attended an Agility Birthday Party. All of the "puppies" that started agility this past spring were invited to the celebration. There were treats for humans and dogs and no birthday party would be complete without birthday games. They all got show off their agility skills in a short course and also had a relay race. Sophie had lots of fun with all the puppies and came home happy and ready for bed.

Basenji Mix

A well deserving congratulations to you, Sophie and crew! I can imagine it was lots of work and fun for you both! Pictures - Videos???

Unfortunately, no pictures or videos. Too busy enjoying the party.

That sounds really fun!

Sounds like a great day. Congrats to Sophie for a great agility start.

That sounds like it was FUN!!! Great idea too!!

what a great idea! And how fun!

no one click the post above mine, it is spam! yuck. so sgchargers, i will no longer be reading your posts.

YAY! Sophie! 🙂

Sounds like it was fun! Happy belated "Birthday"!

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