Cloven paws


Is everything published on the Internet {or in print, for that matter} protected by copyright laws? Or isn't there a need for an actual copyright?

NOT in any way saying that sources shouldn't be cited, due credit given.
Simply asking the question because I don't know the answer.

Everything published in a tangible form such as the internet is protected by copyright laws. As soon as it is put into tangible form it is copyright protected. I teach high school and spend a lot of time instructing on copyright and plagarism even though I am science teacher not an English teacher.

Here is a great website about copyright,


True, of course you could have posted that it was not your picture….

barklessdog did post that it wasn't her pic, in a response to me. I thought WOW…Chicago looks like that..barklessdog said "no its not my pic" It is a great pic! I guess I'm an idiot for thinking Chicago had a wilderness like that one.

Saying "Not My Picture" is not adequately citing the source of copyrighted material.


Everything published in a tangible form such as the internet is protected by copyright laws. As soon as it is put into tangible form it is copyright protected.
Here is a great website about copyright,

Thanks. I thought things actually had to have a "copyright" date of some sort.

gently directing this back to the topic again 🙂

Here's a pic of one of Taariq's paws (photoshopped). You can clearly see they're cloven, and all four paws look like that.

The paw looks like a deer hoof.

:eek: drinking my coffee now

I think it would be unfortunate that we may miss out on photo's or quotes or whatever since they are on someone's web site. I didn't take it that Barklessdog was trying to "pass off" a picture of his/her own, just found one and wanted to share.

If I wanted to know where he/she got it I would just ask. I assume if you put something online you want people to see it. I will admit pics I have seen here I have sent to my boyfriend and said, YOu have got to see this one, what a gorgeous dog! or whatever. I would have never thought someone would get upset about it. We are all here because we love this dog- yours and everyone elses. He/She was not trying to make money off of it.

Barklessdog, I apologize for saying he/she. I didn't want to assume anything.

No apologies needed. I'm the one who's apologizing.

I'm not really upset, but never thought about it.


But I guess this does make everyone aware that posting any picture on the Internet is really offering it to the WORLD. You have to except that someone in China or Texas is copying all your pictures, using them how they like.

What I think it really does is make everyone who "borrows" material from the internet aware that the owners of those website are NOT making it available to the WORLD and that if the owner of the copyrighted material finds out they can demand it be removed and take legal action to seek damages. Putting it on a website does not make it free to the public and does not make it legal for people to use it without permission even if people do it. Just like just because someone thinks they can shoplift and not get caught does not make it legal.

I am not saying people should not share pictures they find that they think might be topical but why not direct people to the website where they are posted or at least cite your source? Is that really that hard?

Can anyone find or show their dog that has the same paws?

Basenji Mix

We're veering way off topic - Removed my post and started another thread under Chit-Chat - called "Web Research & Information"

All off related & pictures /info has been deleted


Must keep a clean ship!

I wish Basenjis did not have a bad reputation. Thats a big reason why I have over socialized my dog threw the years I want him to be the best he can be and PROVE that basenji's can be great dogs! He is a real sweetheart the vet, groomer and our dog sitter all have an easy time with him. He has his quirks but he's such a good dog and the kids just love him. Sometimes my boyfriend will take him and just sit in front of the supermarket across the street and EVERYBODY will stop and pet him children, adults, people in wheelchairs the elderly (I think he likes the attention more than the dog lol) I love when people say "is he always this calm" "are they all this well behaved" "are you sure he is a basenji" it makes me so proud of him. 🙂
My boys foot pads are pink with spots, very cute.


The paw looks like a deer hoof.

But it's me paw, weally.

Hoof hug from Taariq


Basenji Mix

How's this? Not so deer hoofy, but connected.

They're indeed connected, Jill. I wonder if the paws' look depends on what bloodlines they come from?

All my Bs (3) have had the cloven paws. Max was from a different line than Tyler and Zoey. Tyler and Zoey are father/daughter. My german shepherd mix did not have this cloven paw. When I had to have Max put to sleep last year, I had a stepping stone made with the imprint of his paw in it–and you can clearly see it was cloven. I was so happy I had that done--it is a wonderful keepsake. I also have his ashes in a beautiful wood box (urn) that has two photos of him laser engraved on it. It turned out just beautifully.


I have read about some dog parks were basenji's and other trouble breeds are not allowed.

Not to doubt you, but I have never heard this or heard of the basenji being a "trouble breed" like chows, pits, or agressive dogs (I like both chows and pits:) nothing against them) I have never heard them lumped into the same category. Although I heard that years and years ago that some lines were tempermental.
In fact, most people dont even know what a basenji is, or only think the dog looks familiar and then say "oh yeah" when you say it is a B.

However, Bs are trouble in their own way:p

Yes it is strange. Although it might be true in your area, its to bad 😞
I have met about 10 different Basenji's at the dog parks around here and only one out of ten would nip at the other dogs. (My boyfriend goes more often and has met 19 B's!) His name was mongo "from the congo" but now that he's been neutured he;s really good and had calmed down at the dog park.

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