• Hi Luc,
    If you brought your puppy home from a breeder they will often help. If this is not an option please be very cautious in your next steps to rehome your puppy.

    I volunteer with Basenji Rescue and Transport (BRAT) and can guide you to educated, caring and experienced Basenji owners who can help you with your decision to rehome your puppy. The website: basenjirescue.org

    BRAT has volunteers nationwide (I don’t know your location). Please do not relinquish the puppy to a shelter. BRAT will make every attempt to work with you to see that the puppy is placed in a screened home for safety and experience.
    Thank you.

  • @luc21
    Please add me to the growing list of people who are interested in your puppy if returning him to the breeder is not an option. My husband and I have had two basenjis. Our most recent boy died in 2017, and after his death we decided to wait until our daughter and her dog moved away from home before adopting another. We are ready now!
    I am sorry that your situation didn't work out. It must have been difficult for you (and your girlfriend) to conclude that the best solution was to rehome your pup.
    I joined this forum many years ago; you can find a few posts related to our first basenji Toby if you search. I have up-to-date adoption applications on file with BRAT and other organizations. I'd also be happy to forward any application information that might be helpful.
    I live near Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you email me at [removed private email] I'll respond with my telephone number.
    Best wishes,
    Michele Heinz

  • Everyone! Please do not post your own or request others to post their email addresses or telephone numbers ... as there are security issues, privacy issues and spam issues all related to the posting of email addresses and phone numbers. This applies to forum threads, personal profiles and public visitor messages.

    @Luc21 It would be helpful if you could post their general location, a photo of their pup, along with details about their expectations. Are you giving this dog away, or charging a rehoming fee? Does the dog have AKC registration papers? Health testing? The more information the better. And please, follow the advice @tanza and @eeeefarm provided. First, contact the breeder that you got your pup from and let them know that you are looking for a new home for your pup!

  • @scampy said in Basenji puppy for adoption:

    Please add us to the applicant list for adopting your puppy as we're looking for a companion for my daughter who's suffering from PTSD. Thank you

  • @luc21 Dump the girl. Keep your pup. Once you get rid of the pup, issues between you and your girl will still be there. It's not the pup... it's your girl. Sorry bro. No girl should ever want their man to get rid of their pup. (Speaks volumes). Think about it......Yup.....all bad.

  • @luc21 Tough situation to be in. Hope things work out for this pup. I third or fourth getting in touch with your breeder. They should be made aware of the situation.

  • I am retired and have so much free time to trade and care fire the puppy
    Needless to say I would not be reading your message had I not been a fervent dog lover and basenji loving guy
    Please add me to your ever expanding list. And let it be known I am desperately looking for a companion ..... basenji

  • I can't believe that a responsible breeder would have sold you a puppy and NOT made it clear that, in the event that things went wrong, you would make immediate contact.

    But do let us know where you are. People are assuming you are in USA, but if not, you will need different advice of who to contact. But first and foremost - the breeder.

  • Hi everyone,

    Thank you all for your comments, advice and interest in rehoming my little guy.
    I did contact the breeder but he said he couldn't keep him as he kept another puppy from this litter.
    We live in Spain and I'd like to find a family as close as possible before sending him overseas for such a long period of time.
    At the moment, I'm in contact with someone that has another Basenji and live relatively close. If we can't make it work, I will definitely consider everyone interested in adopting him.

    Thanks again.

  • @luc21 Sadly, although I am in contact with hundreds of breeders and Basenji owners around the world, Spain is one country which is virtually a closed book. I would love to be able to contact Spanish breeders (I lived there for 5 years and have the language) in order to include their data in the on-line Basenji database which is shown in my signature block.

    PLEASE let me have the details of this young man and try to persuade the breeder to contact me with details of siblings and other litters.

    Basenji-people are a very close-knit community and it is a great shame when there is one country we have very little contact with and are unable to tell you how to proceed !

  • @luc21 Spain! One of my favorite places on the planet. I'll look for Basenjis next time I'm lucky enough to visit. An amazing country. Hope your pup finds a home there. 😁

  • I’m so sorry you have to go through this. Even though you are located in Spain, I would highly recommend reaching out to BRAT to see if they would be willing to help you re-home, or to see if they have any contacts there.


  • Hi @Luc21 - did you find a home for your Basenji? I live in Barcelona near lots of huge open parks and space for a dog, and i would be happy to travel across Spain to wherever you are located. i have wanted to adopt a Basenji for years!! Can send you more information about my home etc if you are interested. Thank you

  • Hi there!
    Sorry, I just saw your message.
    Fortunately for me I'm keeping my dog. After much discussion and agreement we've decided to keep him. He's much calmer and easier to live with now he's 7m.

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