• If you have a dog that is not a pure basenji, do not use the basenji word to describe it.

  • @kris
    He is so SWEET 🥰! What is his name?🐾❤

  • My guess (and it is just a guess) is possibly part Basenji (because of the overall body structure) and part Chihuahua (because of the toes, head, and ears).

  • @caaaitlinann Cool looking pup whatever she turns out to be!

    @MrsCastro Fauxsenji... AWESOME! 👊 🤣 👍

    @kris Another cutie!

    @senjisilly had mentioned in another thread...

    If you decide on a DNA test use Embark instead of Wisdom. I think Embark's breed data base is supposed to be more accurate. There is a Reddit group where people post DNA results on their dogs. Sometimes the results are hilarious. Occasionally someone will get results from both Embark and Wisdom with wildly different breeds listed. You can search by breed within the group, r/DoggyDNA.

    I thought that was useful info! 😉 👍

  • @kembe Thank you! His name is Ziggy. Love your bathing beauty ♥ 🛥 ❤

  • @jengosmonkey Thank you 🌸

  • She's lovely, but personally I don't see any Basenji in her, the head and ears suggest more a Pharaoh Hound but even that is slight. There is definitely some kind of hound in her structure, tuck and body shape. Love her anyway and don't put too much credence on what Embark tells you !

    I think they are guessing too, to a large extent !

  • @morsesa said in Is she a basenji ?:

    If you have a dog that is not a pure basenji, do not use the basenji word to describe it.

    Why? Basenji is one of the oldest breeds. It is fact that many more modern breeds used Basenji for their many amazing traits.

    Sometimes its wishful thinking, but OH WHAT HOPEFUL THOUGHT. I just lost my last Basenji two days ago. Ms. Bunmi loved and accepted Roxy into our pack. Roxy is a Fauxsenji. I know for sure she isn't Basenji and make no other claim. She barks...but she also chortles and burrs, this learned from the late Chica Bella.

    My friend, you will find some of the top breeders of all time on this list. None that I know would ever condemn a wishful thinker. Kind and respectful guidance is the way ahead for us all. We are not here to slap hands or pinch each other. We are here to share, learn and lovingly guide each other through whatever impacts our beloved Basenji or Basenji-ish family members.

    @caaaitlinann comes here with great hope and an extremely lovely pup. We love them all no matter how much or how little purebred they may be. Let us embrace this family with the support and respect they so deserve.


  • My apologies for typos as I type through tears.

  • @mrscastro
    Bravo! Well stated! This forum is meant to support all dog lovers!🐾
    Also - so sorry to hear about the loss of your basenji.🥲

  • @MrsCastro , so sorry to hear of your loss. And I agree with you, we don't need to be "elitist" about our Basenjis. Yes, they are one of the oldest breeds, all the more reason why there may be dogs that seem to have a link to them, whether a DNA test shows it or not. It's always lovely to see the pictures and hear the stories about Basenji-like behaviour!

  • @mrscastro No apologies needed. Hang in there, the good memories will come flooding back in a while and you will be able to play the 'do you remember when ?' game. Sometimes it does take quite a while, but it does happen. Take it from one who has been that road, many times over the years.


  • @morsesa Who made you the Basenji police? It is inappropriate for you to attempt to dictate here of all places what someone else should do. If a dog is half Basenji and half something else, then it is half Basenji. WHATEVER is wrong with an accurate description???? This pup is loved and adored as ALL dogs should be, part Basenji or not!!!! We look after one another here.

  • @caaaitlinann She is a BEAUTIFUL girl, Basenji or not. I got started on Basenjis years ago when my husband and I adopted a rescue who was described as a "Shepard/collie mix". She was just a tiny pup. Well as she grew, our vet said, "what you have here is a half Basenji and maybe half Shiba Inu!" She never barked and had a have circle tail like yours and she had ALL the Basenji behaviors. After that whenever we moved to a new state and got a new vet, they ALL said "Half Basenji!" When our dear Goldie passed away at 13 years, we decided to get a full blooded Basenji and the rest is history (History that involves us being servants of various Basenji, that is!). Let us know what your DNA tests say. We love all Basenjis, part Basenjis and even Basenji wannabes here. You adore her and so do we!!!!!

  • @mrscastro Don't worry about typos OR tears. Just about everyone here has lost their beloved canine family member and a piece of their human heart with them. The pain is big because the love is big. Please be comforted by the thought that a sweet soul that God created completely out of love with be waiting for you, and like all my dogs has probably already put in a good word for you with the Lord. Sending love and comfort to you in this difficult time.

  • @morsesa I apologize for unloading on you. May I extend an olive branch?

    There is so very much to learn here. We only grow when we learn. I've learned so much from all these wonderful people and my pups (Basenji, Faux and Want to be's) have benefited from every single word. I am new to Basenjis myself. Only first being owned by one in 2001. I'm not even sure, at my age, that I'll be blessed with another. That makes my Faux girl all the more precious.

    The choice is yours. Ms. Bunmi's passing ripped my heart wide open and made room for more.

  • @mrscastro said in Is she a basenji ?:

    @morsesa I apologize for unloading on you. May I extend an olive branch?

    You show very much class @MrsCastro. I too reconsidered my comments and decided to remove them. Sometimes the things we don't know turn out to be more important than the things we think we do know. True in my case. Thank you @elbrant

    @MorseSA I hope your good memories of KOA continue to bring you happiness. As you know... Basenjis... the BEST dog ever. 👊 😉 👍

  • @mrscastro
    You are a “class act” as stated by @jengomonkey - so sorry you had to go through this especially after just losing Ms. Bunmi (Bunmi - African translation - “My Gift”). My deepest sympathies on your loss.
    Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love, they depart to teach us about loss. A new dog never replaces an old dog, it merely expands the heart. If you have loved many dogs your heart is very big.” ~ Erica Jong
    Hugs to you and Miss Roxy - “The Faux-Senji”! 🐾❤

  • @jengosmonkey
    Can I join??? Where do I sign-up?👍🐾♥

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