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@mshilo The Forum does not have this option. You can discontinue receiving the email/digest messages, but your account would remain. This is just to keep the integrity of any threads or conversations that you participated in. So, to "close the account", one would just stop coming to the site and participating. (It's the best I can offer and my understanding of the site structure.)

I'm sorry to see you go. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.

I think that it is not legal not to able to close an account. It’s a lawsuit against Facebook and google. If you are the owner of the site please CLOSE my account

I am not aware of the events that have made you decide to leave the forum. If something has happened that you would like to discuss, I would be glad to hear you out and try to find a resolution. However, if you no longer wish to participate in the Basenji Forums, I recommend that you do not return to the Basenji Forum website. I will respect your decision.

I am not aware why i can not close my account. Its my legitimate request.Now you waste my time to look for my legal options, to show you that closing an account is a must. I just wonder why you decide to waste my time, and others that requested to close the account. NO EXPLANATIONS ARE NEEDED FROM ANYONE THAT ASK TO CLOSE ANY ACCOUNT HE REGISTERED TO. YOU ARE THE FIRST ONE TO MAKE PROBLEMS IN WHAT SUPPOSE TO BE, A SHORT AND immediate PROCESS.

@mshilo @ELKAY You are replying to a moderator who does not have the ability to close your account. She is trying to be helpful, but she can't do what you are requesting.

While you cannot unsubscribe or close your account you can stop any correspondence from the Basenji Forums.

Click on the circle with your initial on the far upper right of the screen. Click on settings. Scroll down to "Email", "Subscribe to Digest", click on whatever it says (Daily, weekly, etc.) and change the setting to "Off". Uncheck any boxes under "Privacy" and "Watch". Under "Notifications & Sounds" change all settings to "None".

Remember to click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.

Lynn B.

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perhaps there was once a moderator but there isn't one now. Get over it. Just stop interacting with this forum. What are you afraid of, if anything?

@sasha74 People usually just want to stop the emails. It isn't easy to figure out how to stop them. I knew the answer from having to figure out how to change how often I got mail. Also I responded to a question like this a couple of years ago so I looked up my directions.

@elkay @mshilo Now that you have disclosed that you actually have two accounts, which is a violation of the Forum Rules, I will simply ban both accounts. You will not be able to log-in with either account, however, your accounts will not be deleted. In the event that you have a third alternate account: I would advise you to simply stop logging in.

If forums (such as this one) were to delete accounts, then the discussions that the account holder engaged in would loose their continuity and the valuable knowledge contained within would become incomprehensible.

@eeeefarm @senjisilly @sasha74 Thank you (everyone) for your assistance and understanding.

@elbrant Accounts can be deleted but posts remain. Many forums do that...with the author's name greyed out or completely removed.

Of course the person could have gone back and deleted all posts and put gibberish in the profile. Lol makes me wonder about their desperation to have the account closed.

That said, unless there is some Hotel California clause in the joining agreement, I really suspect that a person does have a legal right to have an account closed.

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@debradownsouth It is my understanding that the necessary tools to delete an account do not exist in the code structure of this forum. So, no. I actually can not delete an account. I can ban an account and prevent them from signing in under a particular username, but that does not delete their posts or other data. There are repercussions to coding such an option into a threaded discussion. For example: If you delete an account under a particular username, can you (or should you) allow someone else to create an account with that username? What kind of confusion would result if there was actually a new user with the username "@DebraDownSouth"? Would readers assume that account 1 and account 2 were the same person?

To the best of my knowledge, anyone who has joined automatically agrees to the rules & regulations, regardless of where they live. The rules clearly state, "It is our policy that user accounts and or posts will not be deleted."

The original post for this particular thread was created by someone who actually had three accounts (unbeknownst to me at that time). In this case, no reason was provided, so there was no opportunity to correct any issues. End result: all three accounts were subsequently banned for violating Forum Rules.

It is an interesting dilemma, certainly.

@elbrant Ah, I certainly didn't pay attention to that line while joining...or maybe I did read it and didn't care.😀. Good for you on finding the third account!

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