Windy, cool, and cold weather clothing

  • I'll be active with Sanji in all weather (except rain because I don't like biking in rain either!) Hoping someone knows where one can find quality clothing for a Basenji. I'm looking for clothing that covers most of the neck and back and stomach as possible. Paws are already set; I'll be training him to get accustomed to dog-sled booties.

    Specifically, I hope to find or have made:

    • a light windbreaker for windy days
    • a sweater for cool days
    • a down or equivalent coat for cold winter days, which being in MI means I'll be out biking (Sanji running) in 20-25 deg. weather, but not lower than that.

    ([snippet removed] I just want to focus on clothing here, thanks).

    Anyone with any recommendations based on experience with quality clothing will be much appreciated! ^_^

  • @sanjibasenji
    This company sells clothing specifically fitted for basenjis.

  • @kembe Great find!

  • @kembe wow, thanks!

  • @sanjibasenji
    I live in Massachusetts and our winters are very cold and snowy. I have the “puffer jacket” - it’s pricey but well worth it. Fits beautifully and very easy to get on and off. I like how the jacket comes up around the neck to protect against the wind and keep them warm. She also has the waterproof jacket for the rain - again I like the high neck. The jackets are high quality and well made. I found the “off the rack” doggie clothing to never fit quite right - the basenjis large chest and narrow waistline made for an awkward fit.
    I’ll be curious on how the “booties” work out for you - my Basenji hated them and would not wear them. It was hilarious to watch her walk in “exaggerated” high steps when she had them on - it was comical! 🤣

  • @kembe I'll be ordering a couple of the sweaters for sure. The puffy jacket reminds me of Jengo's, which had a hood. He wasn't a fan of the hood, but liked the jacket in the cold and rain. We got sloppy one day and left the jacket out. He took that as an opportunity to rid himself of that dreaded hood once and for all. He chewed and tore the hood clean off at the seam leaving the rest of the jacket intact. We duct taped the collar to keep the fuzz inside and kept using it. Hang up your clothes, kids. 😄👍

  • @kembe said in Windy, cool, and cold weather clothing:

    my Basenji hated them and would not wear them. It was hilarious to watch her walk in “exaggerated” high steps when she had them on - it was comical!

    Yes, they usually do that for the first few steps until they get used to them. If you live where it really gets cold, boots are not optional. Coats are less critical, but cold feet will shut down a walk, or even a "bathroom break" very quickly. At -20F, Basenjis do not last long, and some will literally scream with pain when their feet are freezing. Like other things they don't enjoy, tolerance to boots can be learned. They are also good protection against road salt, which is prevalent where I live.

  • @eeeefarm said in Windy, cool, and cold weather clothing:

    some will literally scream with pain when their feet are freezing.

    Can't blame them for that!

  • I had two who were very sensitive to cold, and one who definitely was not. My girl, Lady, on a cottage road across the lake from our house on a cross country ski hike. She also grew a heavy coat in winter. Dogs adapt to conditions! We probably went a couple of miles at 10F that day. She almost crawled under the wood stove when we got back!


  • Good info for me too as we will be heading to northern New Hampshire soon where we live a good part of the year. - and if I get my wish we will remain there! Southern California weather is boring!! 🙂

  • There is no way Piper will wear clothes. She chewed off a thunder jacket and started working on chewing off a custom sweater my daughter made for her. So I won't be investing in clothes and thank goodness in NC it is not extremely cold for long.

  • @chrisf
    Cinny won't even wear a harness unless she's supervised. She either wiggles out of it or chews through it. I sewed the first one back together twice, then just got another one. I have one now for her that fits more like a jacket, but haven't tried it yet.

  • There are shops on Etsy that will make things to order. I don't know a specific one but if if you look on there, you'll probably find options.


    [removed copyrighted product photo]
    Fits my Basenji perfectly. Size 40 seems to fit them the best.

  • Polar fleece is the best for very cold weather.

  • Second hand clothing stores. Little kids hoodies. If your fur kid trashes it...who cares. It was maybe 10 bucks

  • We have been using Hurtta coats or Rukka. You could find them on or But there is always a problem with size, with some is also tale problem. Definitely needs a test before buying. Faro hates everything that needs to get over his head. Zip on the back is for him the best solution.

  • I see several people have had trouble with their Basenji trashing their clothes. Personally I would not leave clothes or harnesses or anything else that can be destroyed on an unsupervised Basenji. In weather cold enough to merit this clothing it's only likely they need the protection when they go outside, and when they go out you are likely going with them, so unless you are not paying attention they won't have the opportunity to rip up anything. Dress them just before you leave, remove when you return, problem solved.

  • @Kembe
    Thanks for the additional feedback! For practically custom-made clothing, the prices are not too bad. I got his booties from Since winter passed, I forgot that I had them and tried them on just now and now realize they are too small. So, I'll wait to get another pair until Nov. or so, but use these to train him with. (Are basenji's full grown by 1 year? Earlier? Later?) I can't yet say if they work well or not. They're very basic, basically a little bag with velcro strap. Not sure if they'll stay on if the trail isn't packed.

    My dog trainer said to train him immediately to get accustomed to them, starting with one foot and lots of treats, tug of war or fetch, to create positive association and distraction from the awkwardness. With our last dog we didn't do that, and like you it didn't work and was a hilarious sight. Lots of youtube videos of that!

  • @chrisf

    In my view, any dog can be trained to do just about anything, including getting used to wearing clothes, booties, etc. The foundation step is "bump it" game. (We don't use a clicker, but instead say "yes" and treat simultaneously). Here's a video our trainer has on Youtube.

    When this is mastered, then one can get the dog used to any object by "bumping" it, then "yes" + reward. (Eventually, just "yes"). Clippers, ear wipes, toothbrush, harness, collar, leashes, clothing, etc. With clothing, next step is to put it on the dog for a very short duration, with "yes" + reward. Repeat 3-5 times a day, increase duration. In a week or two, viola. Your dog will look forward to the item.

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