The Art of Basenjis in the Rain

  • Yesterday we took Sanji, 15 weeks, to local dog training center for his first swimming lesson. Did great! Jumped off the floating dock, swam to ramp, four times.

    We began getting him accustomed to water early with mini showers in our kitchen sink to rinse off mud from walks. A lick pad smeared with a banana helps a LOT!

    Took out for play in light rain yesterday. He didn't even notice!

  • Jengo use the always rush the front door. We had to always be on guard not to let him slip out... unless it was raining. One day it was absolutely pouring. I mean raining buckets. I swung the front door open wide and he shot out like a rifle bullet. He got about 20 feet (about 6 meters) down the walkway and slammed on the brakes, slid into a fast tight U-turn and ran straight back into the house. We were crackin' up pretty hard. However, if he had his jacket on, he didn't care and would walk in the rain no matter how hard it was raining. He didn't like the hood though. Didn't like his head covered.

    Logan tolerates rain pretty well. Sparkle's not a fan. But, Sparkle will willingly walk in the creek by our house and Logan hates getting his feet anywhere near it.

  • Oddly, (after establishing that they don't go back in until they do their stuff) I never have a problem. On a sunny day it can be five minutes outside sniffing before anything happens. However in the rain, it's out do whatever quickly and then boom back in again.

  • Mechanized transport. Check the radar to find a break or lighter showers. Put them in the car. Drive to the area. Let them out. They'll pee, yank in the direction of the car, hear the "Nooooo", and then poop. However, we had one who was stubborn beyond belief.

    If it's just a pee then we can go the @Zande route and use the front or back.

    When younger they don't seem to mind. As they get older the dislike seemingly grows.

  • There is nothing about a Basenji that you will "figure out". A Basenji just happens....

  • Oddly, my boy loves being in the rain! The harder it’s raining, the longer he walks. I figure it brings out his hunting instinct even stronger. 😀

  • @sirronsunflowergirl Haha! Too funny! Wish we could!

  • @sanjibasenji Encouraging, thank you. Beyond wanting her to be able to potty when it is raining, we also want to do backpacking/camping with her. Can't always stop walking just because it is raining, so I want to figure this out!

  • @krazytoo100 This sounds like luck! We don't seemed to be poised for her to like it at all!

  • @donc Haha, love it!

  • @jengosmonkey lol, so I was wondering about getting a rain coat, if that would help....

  • We have a big lean to next to the house. Really helps with rain or in the winter with snow

  • I've always found going for a walk until successful usually works. But for some reason not all Basenjis figure out that action brings return to the house! My boy Perry hated rain while leashed, but off leash he didn't have a problem rambling around the farm. Winter cold weather was more of an issue. The solution was to take him into the hay barn and let him run around until he did his business. Cold feet were a huge problem outside, so if I had to walk in cold weather boots were essential.

  • @eeeefarm said in The Art of Basenjis in the Rain:

    I've always found going for a walk until successful usually works.

    Unless you have a pack that realises that you will turn for home as soon as they have done what you are walking them for !

    Donner knew darned well why he was on a lead, being walked down the lane alongside the garden. All kinds of excitingly different smells in the grass verges. He would hang on until absolutely bursting rather than 'go' and have to head for home.

    Donner was my first Basenji. Numbers increased and Marvin and I walked two each along the country lanes. Later as the pack seriously grew in size it had to make do with the woods - driven there by car - or the garden. There is a picture on my own (long neglected but still containing articles and pieces) website of me walking 7 on leads. Eight proved too much, even for me.

  • @italeigha - My Basenjis that live at home or pups that I placed couldn't care less about the rain when it is things like coursing, hunting, etc... very happy to get wet! Walks in the rain for something like camping/backpacking really will not bother them.... !

  • @italeigha Binti will wear her raincoat and go for walks in light rain...but NO dice if it is pouring.

  • Miss Bliss finds water falling from the sky abhorrent.
    When forced out for the (pre-pandemic) walk before work and it was raining,
    she was very quick about her business. Well, at least the pee part.
    Sometimes that we enough for her before she'd turn around and head for home.
    We are now in week four since she was hit and broke her right front leg.
    She went four days in a row twice without pooping until we went to the vets.
    Not constipated, just stubborn. She is becoming a very good patient.
    he last two days she has done her business easily and quickly.
    She is escorted out when she says it is time.
    You all know what I'm saying.
    Back to the ladies amateur golf.
    Stay safe out there

  • @nancyss said in The Art of Basenjis in the Rain:

    NO dice if it is pouring

    🤣 I feel the same way!!

  • Maybe trying getting out just before the rain starts. With her coat on, she can transition from dry to wet. Hopefully the rain starts lightly. My B is fine when it starts to rain, it’s like he doesn’t notice it the change
    Or doesn’t care. But when he can see the sky falling outside already; he’s not having it.

  • Sanji swimming

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