Anti-anxiety medication for separation anxiety. 14 month male B.

  • Interesting research on music as a calming effect?

    Our Basenji Paladin could not be left alone, we tried everything, one thing sort of worked rescue remedy and touch tell massage. We had many pet sitters. Our new Basenji is so carefree and problem free it's a miracle. Miles is Basenji # 5 so maybe we just learned from all the others....

    Also, a list of reads and research including the use of Bach Flower Remedies,
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    Good Luck, you will get through this!
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  • My apologies in advance for being so blunt. This is only my opinion which you are welcome to take or leave.

    An elderly dog might do okay with being left alone for 8-9 hours/5 days a week, but it will be sheer torture for a young, active basenji to be left alone (whether he/she has separation anxiety or not). Drugging him is a sad choice.

    If you really love him, find someone to keep him during the day, find a daycare where he fits in or rehome him.

  • @Pawla, you are absolutely right and at the risk of being rude, I don't understand how anyone can expect any dog, let alone a pup, to handle being alone for that many hours on a daily basis. It can work if you have multiple dogs so that there is company, but even then is far from ideal. As I suggested, having someone come and take the dog out a couple of times during the day is one possible solution, but no to leaving a dog alone for that long every day. Maybe an old "couch potato", but even then, it's an unreasonable amount of time without a bathroom break, apart from anything else. And drugging a pup? Really? A vet approves of this?

    Time for rethinking priorities and perhaps consider rehoming the dog with someone who has time for him.

  • @pawla and @eeeefarm Thank you both for spelling out what I'm sure a great many people were thinking.

    Rehome the dog to someone who will care for it as a Basenji pup deserves and needs.

  • @eeeefarm - I will disagree to a point... Now granted I have a different set up and my first 2 Basenjis were home alone for 8 hours a day because we both worked. Yes, they had each other but also they had a very large doggy room with access to the yard with their doggy door. We have 12' privacy fences and gate are padlocked from the inside. Our home is set back from the street and there is no need for anyone to try and enter the yard. They had and (still have) a large window that they keep watch on the street and all that goes on.... there was never an issue with them or the litters we raised. We always had at least 2 but up to 6 at times. In fact on the days that I was home more than just the regular weekends for holidays, by the third day they would look at me like "hey are you not going to work?... we need our beauty sleep! Once our office moved close to the house, I would come home at lunch time... or if we had litters on the ground. Also since we did not have children, when home from work all the time was spent with the pups and they were always with us all evening and totally part of the family including when we had litters..if you have children then that is a totally different situation. All of our Basenjis were/are well socialized, Ch show and coursing dogs and very well adjusted. So it can work depending on your home and how you can set it up. Now that I am not working, they spend the majority of the day in their doggy room even though they have access to where ever we are. But I will agree that a puppy in a crate all day is a bit much especially if at night you expect them to sleep in a crate... I always recommend that if you have to crate during the day then they must be with you at night, including sleeping in bed or in a doggy bed but in the room where you sleep. And if you do work, then you need to have a pet sitter to visit with the pup/dog every 4 hours. Take for a walk, etc...

  • @tanza, I hear what you are saying but it's entirely different to leave a dog that has company and access to outside and a large space inside, which is an entirely different situation than what @yaleezaforeva is suggesting. The fact that they are considering medication and are apparently having difficulties with even short duration separation makes me think that at least with this individual young dog things will have to change a great deal for it to work out. It does make me wonder about what has led to the current situation, and also whether there has been any consultation with the pup's breeder regarding any genetic predisposition or early weaning that may be contributing factors.

    I would agree that with the right circumstances you can probably leave multiple dogs for relatively long periods of time (isn't that what doggie daycare essentially does?), and I have left 2 Basenjis and a Border Collie in a secure dog run back in the day while we were gone several hours, but I don't believe I have ever left a dog for 8 hours straight without any human contact. For a solo pup, no way!

  • @eeeefarm - I don't disagree with you and in many cases agree, just pointing out that if you set up your home and can set up your home, it can work.

  • @tanza: you said it all in your first sentence "I have a different set up". Your situation is FAR from what yaleezaforeva described.

    No 18 mo old basenji (with or without separation anxiety) should be left alone for 8 to 9 hours alone for 5 days a week. Period. It is cruel and unusual punishment.

    The owner should find a way for Benjie not to be alone so many hours or rehome him and get a stuffed animal.

    I truly don't mean to offend anyone, but I care about the basenji. I promise not to say another word on this discussion.

  • @pawla - Not a disagree, just saying that it can work if you can set up your home to work with the pup....

  • @tanza it can work if you can set up your home to work with the pup...

    But if you can't ? (or find it easier not to)

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