Basenji + Terrier?

Wire-haired Terrier (like a Russel, perhaps) and.... not sure. The color of a Basenji, but B's aren't the only breed of that coloration. Ears, maybe. If there is Basenji in her (?) it is not likely to be the dominant gene. Can anyone else take a gander on this little one?

(She obviously adores you, look at the expression in her eyes!)

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She is a 3-year-old girl with all the traits of a Basenji except she loves to bark. She has the curly tail and cat-like characteristics - cleaning herself and rubbing on our legs. She chases light sources, even when they are on the ceiling and loves jumping at shadows. She keeps us very entertained!

She sure is cute! 🥰 Looks can be deceiving - only way to know for sure would be a DNA test.

Whatever she is, she certainly is a keeper! Those eyes go deep into your heart where she has found home. She is a cutie, and the long wisps of hair make me smile.

Regardless, she is very cute and welcome to the Forum, I don't see Basenji however.

I would be mighty surprised if there was Basenji in there anywhere. If you have a DNA test - do let us know. But she is definitely a keeper !

Portugese podingo...i think it is called, smaller than a basenji, wire hair or smooth. Yours looks like the wirehair.
I have seen them at dog shows, look it up it is very similar

@joan-duszka - I would agree, could be a Terrier or a Podingo as they will have wire coats or smooth... but regardless, cute pup... enjoy your pup... and Podingo's are part of the hound group

@joan-duszka said in Basenji + Terrier?:

Portugese podingo.

Spot on!! I forgot about that breed and yet, this little one looks exactly like the one on the AKC Portuguese Podengo webpage. Well done Joan!

@elbrant said in Basenji + Terrier?:

Portugese podingo

Oh my word! I had never heard of that breed before, but some of those pics sure do look like our little IzzyB!

Thanks everyone!

Now I look again Portuguese Podengo could well be in there to a large extent. Lovely feisty little dogs. One smooth one I know quite well is very similar in size to a Basenji but shorter in the leg

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