Hi from Alameda, CA

Hi! Here are a couple of pictures of Cinnamon (Cinny for short). We got her a little over a year ago as a rescue, and think she is a Basenji - Corgi mix.
She's super cute, affectionate and has decided my daughter is her person, rather than me. She is a very picky eater, and doesn't play with toys much either. She loves to investigate the back yard, and at night she sometimes she will go to the corner of the yard and sit in the tall grass, very still. She really seems to enjoy it, like she's in "hunting" mode. I think she's part corgi (she looks like it to me) and she bumps against my legs with her nose to get me to move, so I am going to try getting a "herding ball" for her to see if she'll play with it. She's not really keen on any toys so far.


Pretty little thing ! Have great fun with her - for many years to come.

Your dog looks like Heather’s sibling!

She is beautiful no matter what her heritage. So feminine!

It's possible! We got her in Fresno! We don't know who had her before, but the shelter said they thought she had just lived outside most of her one + year. She definitely wasn't used to people, and was very shy at first. She let me pick her up but hid her face against me, so I don't think she'd been held much, if at all.

She’s beautiful! Her color and coat remind me very much of my dog, Boots!

She's beautiful!!!! You may have luck with the ball that is hollow and dispenses treats as she kicks it and rolls it with her nose!!!!

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