• @zande said in Training techniques:

    No such luck 😢 Mku was pleased to see me, yes, but he crowed and yodelled when Paul came through the gate and rushed to him ! He is convinced he is Paul's dog.

    Silly boy. He'll figure it out though. In one way it's great -- you know he's been in good hands. Hope your recovery goes smoothly. My understanding is rehab from knee replacements take a bit.

  • @donc For some reason I seem to have been cut off from notifications from the Forum - not sure why and am trying to get back on. I can't believe there has been no traffic at all for two whole weeks ?

    Recovery was going well until Mku unrolled the loo paper in the bathroom. I tried to clear it up, he didn't want it picked up (SOO much more fun to roll in it !) He knocked me backwards into the bath. . .

    But he has a problem now. Hoover died last Saturday. Totally unexpectedly, in the car on the way to the vet. He is a forlorn, lonely little Basenji without his buddy. Those two bonded so very well since he came to plague the life out of the old lady. I expected him to pine - Basenjis do. But not like this . . . utter misery except when he is out in the woods with Paul or with a neighbour, and even then he is much more sedate and reserved. Its a worry.

  • @zande - So sorry zande on your (and Mku) loss of Hoover. Hope that your rehab is going OK....

  • @zande Ever so sorry about both the physical setback and losing Hoover. It's always hard, and having it be unexpected makes it harder IMO. No doubt the house seems empty for both you and Mku. Hopefully you'll both bounce back. You have my sympathies.

  • @zande I don't know you, but I definitely know what you're going through with the loss of Hoover. My heart goes out to you, Paul and Mku. Take it easy and heal... both physically and emotionally. I'm rooting for all of you.

  • @zande
    Sally - I am so sorry to hear about Hoover. My deepest sympathies to you, Paul, and little Mku. Hoover will be in your hearts 💕 and memories forever.

  • Thank you. Hoover had a good life, if only a short one. She was just 12 and one of the youngest we have ever had leave us. She is safe now, hunting with the rest of my departed pack, but my immediate problem is Mku.

    Last night he cried again until Paul, who is sleeping in my house while I am recovering, took him to bed with him and tonight I will have him. In the daytime, at the moment, it is easy for me to stay with him because I can't drive or walk far ! But he will have to be left when I need to shop for groceries or when the visually impaired craft group I help run starts up again, post lockdown.

    My vet has suggested something called an Adaptil Home Calm Diffuser to help Mku to be on his own. I have ordered one from Amazon and it is due to arrive on Friday. Does anyone know of this device ? Apparently you plug it in and it difuses comfort to lonely doggies.

    I will try to remember to log in each day to see what is going on in the Forums but if anyone can suggest how I can go back to receiving notifications, it would be a big help ?

  • So sad to hear about Hoover and your ongoing problems with Mku. These things always happen at the most difficult time! Not exactly easy for you to handle your recovery from knee surgery with everything going to pieces around you. Take care. You will get through this and so will Mku.

  • @zande said in Training techniques:

    ... Adaptil Home Calm Diffuser ... Does anyone know of this device ? Apparently you plug it in and it difuses comfort to lonely doggies.

    This cracked me up! Sorry, but it's the way you wrote it.

    My guess is that the aromatic (whatever you choose) is supposed to be calming. Lavender is supposed to be calming for humans, but I'm not sure what smells would calm down a pup.
    Such an interesting concept.

    And, the goofball in me is wondering: If they had scents like "campfire steak" would it help a pup with no appetite want to eat? Or would it just send any nearby pup into a frenzy looking for the sirloin?

  • @elbrant I hope it will arrive today and I will let you know of its success or otherwise. We will try it out immejutely it arrives.

    Mku slept with me last night. He slept like a log. I didn't, but at least it gave Paul a rest.

    The diffuser is supposed to diffuse comforting pheronomes. I like the idea of changing it to encourage eating etc. You could be onto a winner there !

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