Finding the forum owner

How can someone contact the Forum owner? Not a moderator? Thanks

I am confused about what could have happened after just one day(?) as a member. If there is a reason that you feel you cannot talk to me, it would help me be a better Moderator to know what it is. I sent you a chatroom message, hopefully you will be willing to continue this discussion there.

Meanwhile, let me take this opportunity to introduce you to the Basenji Forum Rules. It's a relatively short read, mostly common sense, but you will find many quesitons answered there.

There is no problem...I have just been really busy and got behind with my emails. I am still interested in the forum and in the what the members are sharing and what I am able to learn. Please be patient with me...I have not lost interest. Thank you for your message. I will re-read the Rules. I am totally new to the Forum process. This is my first Forum and it is taking me a while to get comfortable.

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