Another positive thing about Basenjis, at least I think it's positive. As many have said, they will make you laugh with their antics. This can present a problem, because if you are in the position of having to discipline a Basenji for a particularly egregious act the dog will try to distract you in inventive ways that make it near impossible to suppress a smile or even contain laughter, and of course laughing will be very reinforcing to the dog, so you have to try to keep a straight face. An innocent, teasing face and a throaty baroo can be hard to ignore!

Another positive Basenji trait: they are great peacemakers! At least, mine were. Particularly Lady. On one occasion my husband and I were having one of those typical married couple disagreements that had escalated to a shouting match. We were in the bedroom, either side of the bed, when perfectly house trained Lady jumped up between us and proceeded to pee on the bed! Well, that certainly put an abrupt end to our argument. She never did such a thing before or after that occasion, and she did not desperately need to go out, as we had just returned from a walk. The only conclusion is that it was a deliberate act to make her people behave themselves. I have had other experiences with Basenjis, but this was the most dramatic, and still makes me smile when I remember it.

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“........... The only conclusion is that it was a deliberate act to make her people behave themselves”

Not only are basenjis smart they are also sensitive. I’m sure she didn’t want to see her “parents” arguing and it probably made her upset and wanted you to stop. When I’ve been extremely upset I know it makes my B anxious and she will start to pace. They are amazing little creatures.

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Basenjis are intelligent, silly, sneaky, elegant, easy to groom (they so most of it themselves), they don’t have that doggy smell.....8 They love their people. You can train them by rewarding them not scolding them. They do need to run, jump and play. They like you to talk to them. I promise you they will give you so much entertainment! You will laugh so much more with a Basenji in your life! So much character! Mine is a little snuggle bug. I love him so much!

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