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I'd better bow out of this thread, Elbrant

No need to do that. I respect your opinion and experience as a breeder. I was merely trying to offer some contrast between a breeder owner and a pet owner. Pet owners can be extremly knowledgable and still not know anything about breeding. That doesn't make them bad Basenji parents. No ill will. I'm old enough to know that we can be different and still value each others input.

@eliefig I am lucky. I have a large garden. We built a kind of kennel, a large shed with bed boxes, overhead heating and a dog door, in the orchard and fenced it securely, giving a large run among the apple trees.

First sign of season, teeth chattering, girls changing character (more clingy) and the boys were sent to their des. res. in the orchard. From there they were taken out of the back gate and up the main road for walks. The girls were taken out of the front gate (this is a 'L' shaped property with frontage on two roads) and down the lane. They all stayed on leads for the duration.

But even with 5 nubile ladies, the season season never lasted more than a month cos all the girls just looked at each other and asked 'is it that time ?' and came in.

I put a nursery alarm in the boys' quarters so I could share the village's pain at two in the morning when the timber-wolfing started. ☹

Once it was over, everyone came back to live in the typical farm-house kitchen and free hunting in the woods resumed.

As the pack size decreased, I never left just a single boy up in the orchard, he had a nice heavy duty crate in my office, doors were kept shut and the boy left the house by the front door and was walked down the lane. A switch from when we had three boys.

I always say in a future incarnation I want to be a Basenji owned by me !

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