Do you believe the Washington Huskies are for real after demolishing Rutgers?

Taylor Henry: After week one the verdict is still out on the Huskies. They looked impressive against Rutgers, and their defense looked for real. Browning will make the next step this year. But for a trendy pick to potentially win the P12 North this year, isn't it expected that they would do that to a bottom of the barrel B10 team? I want to see how they stack up against the horses in the P12 before I call them for real.Simeon Moses: Look at it this way. Did the Huskies do anything of concern on Saturday? They executed on offense, defense and special teams. If you look at the plays they did nothing to disprove the hype.Taylor: They asked my opinion on the round table, I'm just telling my thoughts. I think Washington is going to be good this year, but guess what, CU did all those things too, and we aren't talking about them being the Pac-12 South winners. They have to prove they're gonna take the next step. I think Washington needs to do the same. Peterson is a great coach, but I want to see them playing on the national stage before I make judgement.Ryan Larson: Let's all slow our roll a little. One game is way too small a sample size. You can't decide if a team is for real or not based on beating a team most FCS schools would beat. If you put me in a basketball game against middle schoolers I might knock down a three, that doesn't mean I'm ready to challenge Steph Curry for best shooter of all time in the NBA. Washington's non conference schedule is garbage so we're not going to know if they're for real or not until they start playing Pac-12 teams Demetri Burch Jersey.

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Is this appropriate

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