Basenji x ???

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. You have a unique canine. Enjoy her!

Fascinating ! But she is still a beautiful dog - should give you many challenging and enjoyable years !

She's stunning, and I'd never have guessed the rottie part! Looking at the percentages, I suspect there's a small dog in there they missed, lol. No test with that many mixes can be 100 percent. Regardless, she's stunning.

@debradownsouth I've wondered if there's something further back in her lineage that's smaller, or I suppose maybe she could've been a runt. Putting those 4 dogs together though, I NEVER would've thought up something that looks like her! Strange that 4 of the most common breeds created such a unique dog!

Thank you for sharing the (unexpected) results! Husky, Boxer, Pitt, and Rottie? Wow! Quite the lineage! Enjoy!

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