Basenji x ???

@zande The rescue mentioned Pharoah possibly as well! The blue eyes is what throws me the most, as well as the shape of her ears. Since her history is completely unknown, I'm hoping she isn't too mixed to get a good read on. 🤞🏼

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OK, a great deal is wrong - but looking at that head again and discounting the colour of eyes, something suddenly said 'Pharaoh Hound' - I am very interested in the DNA tests

What about Ibizan? They can be all white. The eyes don't fit, of course.....

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What about Ibizan? They can be all white. The eyes don't fit, of course.....

I keep looking back, but I see more Pharaoh than Ibbie - But its a pleasure to keep looking back at photos of such an appealing animal !

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But its a pleasure to keep looking back at photos of such an appealing animal !

Thank you! If you have instagram, she's got her own insta @bigearsblueeyes if you want to check out her photos and follow her adventures! 🙂

I keep going back to the corkscrew tail and the shape of her first thought was maybe akita or shiba, with that curly tail...but the short white coat wouldn't really fit with either of those. Genetics are a funny thing though, so it's hard to say. It's just interesting that not many breeds have blue eyes, and not many have corkscrew tails, and not many have ears that stand straight up at all times. And in the month we've had her, i've never heard her bark. Not once. She definitely "talks" to you, and i've heard her bay like a hound and yodel like a basenji, but never bark. 🤷 Her ears look sort of like an ibizan, but she's not that big. Her vet says she may fill out a little more, but she'll stay pretty compact and lean. She weighed in at 25lbs yesterday.

She's definitely unique, and I feel pretty lucky that we got her out of all the applications and those interested in her!

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WHAT a beauty you have! I hope you and she have happy, healthy, and loving lives together!

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My bet is Samoyed

No. No blue eyes on Sammys. Those eyes do look Sibe, though, this dog looks an awful lot like many of the racing huskies I've seen.

Does her tail curl right up when she's walking around? I have a white "Basenji" mix with a tail that looks just like hers, DNA says no Basenji in him. She is a very beautiful dog, I love blue eyes on a dog.

@giza1 Yes her tail is always curled except when she's sleeping it'll uncurl a bit. That's the only time her ears relax at all too.
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Thank you! She's definitely one of the most unique dogs I've ever seen!


Why other than white? Sammies don't have blue eyes, and they do have small thick artic ears and long double coats. I'll take your bet! Loser has to send other best 3 dog jokes they know?

@caratheduck I went looking for albino basenjis and found her page and I KNEW it was her. Love it. As for mixed, even if they can only give you the top 2 or 3 breeds, that's still great.

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37.5% Siberian Husky
25% Boxer
25% Pitbull
12.5% Rottweiler

We could not BE more surprised! The husky and even the pitbull were expected, but we were shocked by the boxer and rottweiler! We thought for sure that she must have some type of small breed in her lineage, as she's only 27lbs and at 9 months old not expected to get much bigger. It took me some time to wrap my head around it, and much internet research has been done in the past 12 hours. 😂 The thing I couldn't quite figure out was where her curly tail came from. It turns out that some boxers have curly tails that we don't see because most boxers' tails are docked in America.

So it looks like we've got a Boxsky, y'all! 😮

alt text

alt text

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. You have a unique canine. Enjoy her!

Fascinating ! But she is still a beautiful dog - should give you many challenging and enjoyable years !

She's stunning, and I'd never have guessed the rottie part! Looking at the percentages, I suspect there's a small dog in there they missed, lol. No test with that many mixes can be 100 percent. Regardless, she's stunning.

@debradownsouth I've wondered if there's something further back in her lineage that's smaller, or I suppose maybe she could've been a runt. Putting those 4 dogs together though, I NEVER would've thought up something that looks like her! Strange that 4 of the most common breeds created such a unique dog!

Thank you for sharing the (unexpected) results! Husky, Boxer, Pitt, and Rottie? Wow! Quite the lineage! Enjoy!

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