Looking for a Reputable Breeder for Puppies

Somewhere in the Virginia area. Not sure if breeders would ship if they are too far out from me.

@myidun07 - Go to www.basenji.org and you can search by state for responsible breeders. Be sure to check out for yourself health testing results at www.ofa.org, you need registration number or registered name. It is an open list and all results for testing for Fanconi and PRA are listed. There is also a link on how to find a responsible breeder https://www.basenji.org/learn/ScreeningBreeders.htm
As far as shipping some breeders will, some will not. I am of the "not" group.

Thank you for the help. Really appreciate it!

@myidun07 Probably best not to ship anyway. Some breeders will not ship because of safety concerns about the pups.

If you collect the puppy, at least you will meet Mom and see the rest of the litter maybe ? I always made our owners fetch - even from USA, the Continent or South Africa.

@myidun07 My basenjis come from a breeder in Virginia. The breeder is Marjani. If you have any questions you are welcome to message me.

Go online and get the Basenji Owners Manual.

If you live in Washington State, check with the Evergreen Basenji Club.

Go to a dog show and talk to Basenji owners or a person in your town that owns a Basenji. Also check with your vet.

A Basenji is not just another dog....

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Being with BCOA isn't the only sign of a good breeder in the US, but it helps.

Sadly, puppymill breeders have learned to sound reputable. You can ask Sally privately about dogs if you have the akc registration numbers. Beware of US breeders who use other breed clubs but NOT AKC. Often dogs are sold on no breeding contracts, so they use those to still breed. Also, though not that strict, AKC does have requirements for breeders with higher litter numbers etc.

There is a lot more to health than Fanconi and PRA. Trust no one without verifying from other breeders. I was experienced (Rottweilers), and I took the word of a "friend" only to discover she lied about a bucket of things. Fortunately, she isn't breeding any longer. The internet is wonderful, you can now find out if Xbreeder is hiding/lying about health issues easier.

So to not go on and on, Pat (tanza) gave you an excellent link on screening breeders. Here is reading that will help and Virginia breeders. You need to get on breeders' lists now if you want a puppy next winter. 🙂

Basenji University: https://www.basenji.org/index.php/basenji-u

Link in case you reconsider surrounding states so you have a better chance of getting a puppy: https://www.basenji.org/index.php/about-basenjis/breeder-directory

Virginia https://www.basenji.org/index.php/virginia
Damara Bolté - Leesburg, Virginia
Julie Hartigan - Purcellville, Virginia <--- Marjani Basenjis
Lisa Corell Auerbach - Richmond, Virginia
Toni L Ackerman - King George, Virginia

Do not get one from this guy! Scammed -- flaked out on transporting dog to me, was a no-show to meet for pickup. https://www.facebook.com/Morpheus3612 I've meet him and the sweet pup, but he's probably sold her a few times now.

Try if you can to first have a vet check on the basenji before completing the sale. Be sure to inquire if the vet had good knowledge on Basenjis.

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