• @zande said in reputable breeder?:

    @eeeefarm on the other hand, I wouldn't even pick up the phone. Too much cries out against even making contact

    Oh, I wouldn't either, but if a person wanted to find out more it would be the quickest way. Sometimes there is an explanation and things are not always what they seem on the surface. Benefit of the doubt and all that....

  • We purchased our basenji female from AllStarBasenjis from the 2019 litter as well. Our Cleo is amazing. Easily trained, loving, did great with puppy training classes is very healthy and Tammie has been nothing but helpful and caring through the whole
    Process. Answers questions when asked and has provided documentation to me when asked in regards to testing etc. I would recommend them over and over again. If there ever comes a time for us to bring another basenji into our family I would absolutely go through her again.!

  • Yes we know this breeder we bought dogs from her the first still alive at 12 years old.. but our black and white basenji died today from Fanconi.. hopefully no one else has to go through the pain and suffer that we went during the last three years.. Our dog died today at eight years old we are heartbroken please contact me if you need more info to verify I’m telling the sad true..

  • @shawna our was fine too until five years old Fanconi developed.. I’m heartbroken my dog died today after three years of extensive medical bills and care..

  • This post is deleted!

  • @debbie I am so sorry for your loss -

  • @debbie - So sorry for your loss. Especially these days when there is a DNA test for Fanconi meaning there is not reason to produce a Basenji with Fanconi. It is a horrible, deadly affliction.

  • @debbie So sorry for your loss. May fond memories comfort you and bring you peace. My deepest condolences. 🐾♥

  • @scimmott yes not to be trusted and test your dog for Fanconi ... we trusted her and our dog died from Fanconi good luck our first basenji we bought from Tammie still here at twelve years old, but different story with the second puppy we bought from her developed Fanconi at five years old.. just died 4/28/2021 she was 8 years old.. the last three years was hell the care what we went through with this disease at the end her body gave up.. we are heartbroken ..

  • @tanza yes my mistake it was tested with OKC I got papers to prove it.. she was born with the disease

  • @debbie said in reputable breeder?:

    @tanza yes my mistake it was tested with OKC I got papers to prove it.. she was born with the disease

    Are you referring to OFA? If so then I would wonder if the pup's sire/dam were not the real sire/dam of the pup you got? Only if they are Afflicted with the Fanconi gene (the pup) would they develop Fanconi? Did the paperwork from OFA say "clear"?

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