reputable breeder?

does anyone know anything about All Star Basenjis? They seemed fairly legit, with a public FB page with lots of videos of their pups, but when I messaged the breeder they seemed very abrupt, immediately told me what the deposit & final price would be, and didn't ask me anything about myself/if I was a good fit for one of their puppies, which just...seems kind of sketchy. However they did provide fanconi results when I asked. And their FB page says they have been breeding for 20 years and have sired champions etc etc. I just got a weird vibe when I messaged them....does anyone know of them/what their reputation is?
(I grew up with basenjis but this is the first time I am buying one as an adult myself)

@theresab Others will probably know better. Should have Fanconi negative, OFA and Eyes as a minimum, didn’t see anything from the OFA on their page. One thing that did strike me is how many litters they have, red flag but doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad. Like I say, don’t know much myself but others no doubt will.

@theresab - This is not a responsible breeder. The owner's name is Tammie and is also know atsTopDog (she has other breeds that she sells) she changes the name all the time. They have NEVER had a champion Basenji.... I would stay away from this person. In my opinion they are not legit

@theresab - your welcome and people like this are only interested in the dollars, they could not care less where the puppies go. Many of her Basenjis have come thru rescue as she refuses to be responsible for the puppies she produces. Here is a link for questions you should be asking a breeder. Also health testing is important and you should always verify for yourself. Fanconi and PRA DNA are public knowledge at Here is a link so you can see what proper health testing looks like. This is for one of my bitches. and link for breeder questions -

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does anyone know anything about All Star Basenjis?

The fact that there are almost none of their dogs in the on-line Basenji Pedigree data-base should tell you something. Among other things, they don't even register their Moms and Dads with the AKC.

@zande - Zande, they do register, but they do not use kennel names


So there is no way I can get hold of them ? One name, one HPreg# and I could find more.

@zande - I would not bother... but if you want to try she has a facebook page under the name of All Star Basenjis -

I don't do Facebook - So wouldn't be able to access her. Thanks anyway

Another sure sign is most good basenji breeders do not do just photos of the puppy sitting in front of a cloth background if they have individual photos of puppies posted. Because a good breeder will be matching the puppy to you and what you are looking for not just based on looks.

I am here to reply to the BS on this website about my Basenjis and me and my OFA data.
Yes all of my dogs are AKC registered..
If you want Info about my pedigrees ASK!!!!
Those of you on this site running your mouth should ask questions of my dogs before posting BS ....
I have been breeding for over 20 years.
Yes I own 4 hound breeds of which have been shown in AKC and UKC.
I have had top # 1 and #2 All breed yearly ranked By AKC grand Champions .
And I have had the pleasure of going to the Garden for 6 years with my Redbone Coonhounds.
ABC top 8 Ranked Bloodhounds.
I have nothing to prove to anyone on this site.
I have spent my time and money in the ring as Owner Handler and Eukanuba Honor roll dogs. OFA has my test results AKC regustered and Micro chipped hounds.
You all should not question my lines or my OFA records.

@zande All of my dogs are AKC registered
And most are in your data base you need to check your facts before posting bs

@tanza you Are Wrong I have Always used a kennel shows what you know about any of my hounds.

@tanza Shows what you know All of my Breeding Stock Is OFA certified Fanconi Clear and Clear by This is so damn funny .lmao.....
PRA tested as well.....
Check your facts And my certificates are posted to Facebook, ha,ha,ha shows what you really dont know about my lines or my hounds at all

@allstarhounds - Under what kennel name? In Zande pedigree database there are ones with Top Dog (which I believe used to be your kennel name) and some with the name of Tammie? None with the kennel name of All Star?

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@allstarhounds - Under what kennel name? In Zande pedigree database there are ones with Top Dog (which I believe used to be your kennel name) and some with the name of Tammie? None with the kennel name of All Star?

Good question, tanza. I'd love to know too. And to have all the litters updated

According to Zande pedigree... some are tested, some are not... there was one breeding to a carrier to an IND... which should have never happened... as the offspring were affected... and granted those were from the pre-direct test, but should have been considered as IND was determined as possible affected or Carrier. Carrier to Carrier will produce Affected. And to carry this a bit further... what titles (registered names) have you produced, conformation/performance with Basenjis? By the way the health testing that is on the Zande pedigree site come directly from OFA testing it is not something that someone says... if you would like to advise AKC pedigree names/numbers? Or links to OFA testing results. And do you have in your contracts to take back any pups that you breed that do not work out for whatever reason?

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